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Active Café Chat

Are there brands that you used to buy that are no longer in your local supermarket? What do you...

looklively / 597 replies

Let's have some fun with this - If you could go ANYWHERE in the world for a holiday,...

Rainbow / 882 replies

I'm interested in finding out how many people manage to make time for breakfast everyday! And if...

Cafestudy Admin / 795 replies

Did you know that over Xmas and in January, the TV networks take little interest in how many...

Rainbow / 562 replies

New Café Chat discussions

True meditation is to go beyond your brain, to become thoughtless. People come to classes. They...

aedna / 0 replies

Hi can any body suggest that how can we get more surveys?

danger_king2000 / 2 replies

Hi All,

Given the Royal Commission into banking, I’m interested to hear opinions around...

Anonymous / 0 replies

I am hoping to start an open forum for those suffering from Labyrinthitis. Most information from...

Goulah / 3 replies

Recent News

War on waste

Following ABC's recent "War on Waste" television series, we wanted to know more about what everyday people do to reduce the amount of waste their households produce. We asked you what you...

  • 21st June 2018
  • 20

Would you grocery shop at amazon?

The recent news that Amazon is considering a move into the Australian grocery market was a bit of a surprise to the Edentify team. So what would Australians make of this, and will they give...

  • 6th June 2018
  • 48

When it comes to grocery shopping, how much choice is too much?

The Australian supermarket category is one that always generates a strong response. So when we asked you recently to tell us what you thought about Coles and Woolworths reducing the number of...

  • 12th May 2018
  • 14

The online tv viewing tsunami

We thought you’d be interested to hear a bit about the latest results from our long running IPTV in Australia study, in which we track the TV viewing habits of the nation, in particular,...

  • 6th January 2018
  • 4
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