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Most active discussions currently in cafe chat

  • Food & Drink

    Food & Drink

    Dairy products - what are your staples? - hi everyone. we'd...
    Last Post: 17th November 2014 Replies: 214
  • Society & Culture

    Society & Culture

    What makes you 'like' a facebook page or ad? - companies...
    Last Post: 21st November 2014 Replies: 116
  • Society & Culture

    Society & Culture

    How, when and where do you do your christmas shopping? - ...
    Last Post: 12th November 2014 Replies: 120
  • Media, Entertainment & Music

    Media, Entertainment & Music

    How are magazines coping in today's world? - in a world...
    Last Post: 22nd August 2014 Replies: 178
  • Beauty, fashion and style

    Beauty, fashion and style

    Would you go under the knife in the name of beauty? - new...
    Last Post: 13th November 2014 Replies: 295
  • Food & Drink

    Food & Drink

    Breakfast - i'm interested in finding out how many people...
    Last Post: 22nd October 2014 Replies: 277
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