my favouet place was scotland got to see lots of wonder full places peaple there are gr8

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Posted by: downunder1961
Posted: 10th May 2011

downunder1961 says: Yes Scotland is a great place to go. But I like Iceland with his icy wilderness Reply


Posted by: verity
Posted: 3rd Jul 2011

verity says: Scotland is my dream destination. Ive been when the weather is glorious and the heather spectacular. Driving over the bridge to Skye was wonderful. The "Harry Potter" train journey was a treat for me and the kids, all the way from Fort William to Mallaig and back. In the winter there is the skiing and open log fires, plenty of whiskey to keep you warm under your tartan blanket! Ah! Scotland! Reply


Posted by: Isis
Posted: 4th Jul 2011

Isis says: My favourite place is Egypt. A group of us where going back next year but itis on hold until it has settles. We hada great time and saw things out of this world. Reply


Posted by: Sammbo
Posted: 11th Aug 2011

Sammbo says: Just came back from a UK/Europe trip which included a week in Scotland.
It simply wasn't long enough - too much to see, too much to do in such a short time.
However, hiring a car is the 2 way to go - travel at your own pace and select your destinations as you go.

No doubt about it...Scotland was the pick of the countries we visited, although I was pleasantly surprised by Belarus and Poland. Reply


Posted by: daisy
Posted: 1st Sep 2011

daisy says: Ihave had adiffent year with travellingwith my new husband itsghts been very intesting go to Queensland having ahoney moon and seeing some sightsand gong back to Melbournefirchoolst time Ihave been travelling since Ileft schoolandthat wasnt also can get to meet new people to its nice getting breaks and getting away from the rat race where ever you come from.its been achange for me and being liking it now iamuse to the plane.from Robyn B Reply


Posted by: ollie
Posted: 24th Sep 2011

ollie says: Yes I liked my visit to Scotland i would definately love to go again people and sites were great. Reply

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