who else thought the discussions would be more about cafe's

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Posted by: Isadora
Posted: 17th Mar 2011

Isadora says: Hi coZ: So did I!! It means we can't read very well as on re familiarising myself with initial info all is clarified!! Mame Reply


Posted by: compo
Posted: 17th Mar 2011

compo says: (slowly puts hand up while looking around) Yes Miss I thought it was about cafe's and food too. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 17th Mar 2011

says: I'm glad it isn't as I am heartly sick of seeing articles, newspapers, magazines and books that are all about food; it is so boring.
But I thought the discussions would be more engaging.
I'm about to resign from this forum.



Posted by: Bellxchat
Posted: 17th Mar 2011

Bellxchat says: I always get a laugh out of the "10 Best Ever Chocolate Recipes" next to whatever the latest diet fad is. Perhaps if we had less of the chocolate, we'd need less of the diets, too! Be a shame if you left the group; I liked what you had to say. Reply


Posted by: elljay
Posted: 31st Mar 2016

elljay says: Agree Libby I also hoped this forum would be more engaging. I often hear myself adding a post with an echo of 'is anybody here here here'. Reply


Posted by: Dew
Posted: 17th Mar 2011

Dew says: Guess I thought this would be like the chats you have with friends when you go to a live cafe'.All kinds of topics and gossip too. Reply


Posted by: Bellxchat
Posted: 17th Mar 2011

Bellxchat says: Well, it could be about cafes; I thought it would be the kind of discussion you might have in a cafe - about all sorts of things that are interesting/important/idle chatter/whatever takes your fancy - with people who may (or may not!) agree with you. I guess it's up to us to make it interesting and relevant. I used to work in talkback radio (behind the scenes, let me say) and often the announcer would say something deliberately provactive to get reactions. And boy, did that work! Reply

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