How game are you when eating out???

I am curious to know how game people are when it comes to eating out?

It seems these days there are always new eateries opening up, especially in the countries capital cities.

How interested are you in taking a chance and going somewhere new and different?? The chance of finding a new hidden gem and exciting new atmosphere???

Or do you stick with the tried and tested, where you know you will enjoy your night, eat a favourite meal, and feel like you have visted an 'old friend'???

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Posted by: Love
Posted: 17th Feb 2011

Love says: I LOVE trying new places, and new foods. Being vegetarian limits what i can try but i'm up for anything other than meat!
The more you try the more you know about! 'll go back to a place i love when i want to be lazy and get something quickly and know i'll be satisfied but 90% of the time i'm excited trying new places Reply


Posted by: Motzza
Posted: 19th Feb 2011

Motzza says: depends on the time frame from finishing sports trainings... i would tend to get what is quick and easy at the time. Insuring that it is satisfying and not too junkie.... i go for quality then quantity ... Reply


Posted by: Tabs
Posted: 20th Feb 2011

Tabs says: I really love trying new things. seeing the faces of other family members when you tell them you have tried camel, emu or kangaroo. Australia is a wonderful place with many delicious foods. Im really into trying all the diverse bush foods we have here in our beautiful country. Reply


Posted by: Yolanda
Posted: 1st Mar 2011

Yolanda says: I do love to try new restaraunts and new dishes and I enjoy a change in atmosphere. Sometimes I like to go somewhere where I dont know anyone. With new dishes I get ideas on food and presentation to try at home. If I enjoyed the restaraunt it will go on my list of favorites. However I do have a couple of favorite places to eat that we do go on regular basis as we enjoy the food and the company. Reply


Posted by: kiwipride
Posted: 1st Mar 2011

kiwipride says: I like the old saying don't knock until you try it. So thats what I teach my children and live by so I will try anything at least once. Reply


Posted by: Chrissywin
Posted: 13th Mar 2011

Chrissywin says: Yes one of the best things about having birthdays in our family, is that we go to different resturaunts each time to celebrate. Gives us a chance to taste different foods and experience different resturaunts in my city. Reply


Posted by: Ck
Posted: 18th Mar 2011

Ck says: I like to try new places, and dishes, as I feel you cannot say, "you have lived" if you stay in your own little bubble. After all variety is the spice of life Reply


Posted by: Sal
Posted: 21st Mar 2011

Sal says: I like to try new places, especially if they are new cafes to the area. There is that chance they will have something delicous you've never tried before or alternatively the service will be amazing encouraging you to return.

Although sometime all you want is something you know well and love! Reply


Posted by: geniebean
Posted: 23rd Mar 2011

geniebean says: I love trying new places. It's the main reason we go out. I will never trust someone else's review on a place. I need to judge it for myself first as everyone is different.

Don't get me wrong..."favourite places" are great ESPECIALLY with kids but I love when new restaurants open up & we get to go and try them.

I mean how do you find your favourites if you never try anything? Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 27th Mar 2011

says: i love any kind of food it just like going around the world. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 27th Mar 2011

says: food is like universal word it expresses its different taste and moods to the one that btaste it. Reply


Posted by: cheebs
Posted: 29th Mar 2011

cheebs says: Depends on the circumstances, if we are going as a family somewhere familiar where we feel comfortable and know the kids are welcome is better but on a rare chance its the two of us we are up to try eating somewhere and something different . Reply


Posted by: tarns
Posted: 1st Apr 2011

tarns says: yes im a boring person that if i have to choose where to go out for dinner i go to were i know i will get value for money a discount and good food and feel comfortable thankfully i have friends that pick the place most of the time and i do get to experience other restaurants and food but if it was always up to me i go to the same place especially since the price of everything has gone up you need to make sure you are going to get your money's worth Reply


Posted by: riaria0203
Posted: 2nd Apr 2011

riaria0203 says: I'm not very game at all, I prefer to eat a meal at a place I am familiar with because I know I will have a good time each and every time I go back. I'm very loyal to my favourite dish as well. When I do get dragged by friends to go to a new place I prefer menus with pictures of the meal I'm ordering. I think at the end of the day it's all about knowing what comes out will be what I expected it to be. Reply


Posted by: sue
Posted: 5th Apr 2011

sue says: i love trying something different when i go out to eat... Reply


Posted by: cathy
Posted: 5th Apr 2011

cathy says: I love food but always seem to choose the same things when i go to a restraunt as i know what i like and dont want to be dissapointed if i try something new and dont like it Reply


Posted by: jay
Posted: 6th Apr 2011

jay says: Im a FOOD LOVER and always willing to trying out new is short and one of lifes pleasures is food. Reply


Posted by: Kathyb
Posted: 8th Apr 2011

Kathyb says: I love going to new places and trying new foods. After travelling for 5 years I tried many weird and wonderful flavours, so going to different restaurants and cafes is normal for me.

After having 2 kids though, I do have to pick when I can do that. If I have the kids in tow, I have to consider what they will eat, obviously they wouldn't try a Burmese curry. I still encourage them to try new flavours and they now enjoy Chinese food, next stop Thai. Reply


Posted by: Isildae
Posted: 13th May 2011

Isildae says: I'd love to try new places but with kids and no babysitting options, it's safest to only visit places where children are welcome. Consequently we rarely eat out. I've started being more adventurous with home cooking instead. I reckon most nights I make a meal as good as anything you'll find in a restaurant but without the price and the hassle. The only downside is having to do the washing up. Reply


Posted by: Kris
Posted: 15th May 2011

Kris says: I love trying new things when going out.
My rule is to always try something I don't believe I can make at home. If I like it, then I try to make it at home! I, however, must admit that sometimes it can be nice to go with an 'old favourite'.

The principle of going for an old favourite can stem in the knowledge that at least you know you'll have a good night out. This is usually what I do if I need to relax, or if its been a busy week.

Eating out is a great way to participate in your city. Get out there, try new things, get to know the people who create your favourites, and go from there by asking them their opinions. Reply


Posted by: soss
Posted: 17th Aug 2011

soss says: I love trying new food's/Restaurants just like all of you on here, There is no way you can find out if you like a certain food unless you try it. Like many of you I DO have my favourites BUT, they are mostly take-away deliveries when we don't feel like going out. I love Italian, Chinese, some Greek, Lebanese, KFC, Macca's, I could never give Macca's away, as my G'Kid's would never forgive me, as it's their favourite. I also like many other Countries Foods as well, too many to mention. Reply


Posted by: suzukisue
Posted: 3rd Mar 2012

suzukisue says: I would love to be able to try new places, but with money being tight, we can't afford to risk spending the money if the food is bad!! Reply


Posted by: wabbit
Posted: 23rd Mar 2012

wabbit says: What can I say - I have eaten everything from offal, crocodile, roo, bugs of some sort and seafood that is still in the cornet shell as well as sea urchin - yet my favourite meal is a great steak or homemade pizza, so I think I'm fairly open to anything!!! Reply


Posted by: skip
Posted: 25th Mar 2012

skip says: when im at hometown i stick to the signature dishes,but when a go abroard i like to try all different types of local dishes Reply

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