Positive revolution

Having taken an interest in the things going on in Egypt, I must now ask them "Why?". All the chest beating, head banging, gun waving, yelling, screaming, condemnation and allegation has resulted in a turn of events where the people who were protesting are now asking "what next?". They have what they want, now they don't know wat to do with it.

It is a sad outcome when a fight for right is badly managed. History is a testament to such things. Most revolutions have resulted in bloodshed, poverty, misery and confusion.

How much better would it be if things could be changed by Positive Revolution. Instead of moaning and groaning about the way things are, how about being constructive and contribute, even if only in a small way, to better days.

It's like a pebble thrown in still water. It starts as a ripple and just keeps getting wider, and wider and wider. This energy is achieved by small contribution with a far wider reach than could be anticipated.

There have been many great folk in history who have gained respect of a world wide nature, yet they have not raised a hand against others. A classic example would be Mother Theresa or perhaps Ghandi.

We need to stop and think before howling at the moon. Far better to take a moment and look at the wonder of the moon, then get on with our contribution to a better world.

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Rajbeer Kaur

Posted by: Rajbeer Kaur
Posted: 16th Feb 2011

Rajbeer Kaur says: i also don't understand what is happening to people these days especially politicians.politics everywhere takes over and people want to revolt.


Posted by: monicag8
Posted: 6th Sep 2011

monicag8 says: Yes I agree. Egypt for me was a little bit of a fantasy, and being with a tan it was a given that I would have thrived in such a place if it were real. However then you get into it, and the culture difference is huge. When you realise that you would more likely be hit by their war then their peace, then you realise that it is not the place for you. Egypt is primarily an African culture, and it has African's as its base. If you are not African you probably won't fit in despite the Hollywood hype. It was the kind of kingdom that you would more likely to be against if you lived in your great ancestors - ie you're not from the same culture. This makes a difference to how you should look up to things of the past. Should you really be learning about these other cultures at all? Reply

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