Just wish the kids of today would not tag everything they see as a blank wall or in need of their tag................Surely there should be a register to put photos of tags so that people can identify the tagger and then they can be enlisted to clean up the mess.
Apparently, flyspray is a good remover of spray tags and graffiti.
Maybe Councils could emply the taggers to decorate designated walls.

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Posted by: pet
Posted: 9th Mar 2011

pet says: Yeah taggers are a pain just on the weekend just gone some tagger left their tag on the bak of a couple of buildings doors,best thing he or she could of done was apply for a job to paint the doors would of done a good deed for the community aye! I also reckon the council should designate walls for taggers to put their graffiti artistic skills too good use cause there are some Great Artist out there whoever yous are. Reply


Posted by: MandM
Posted: 19th Apr 2011

MandM says: It's an artistic outlet for them. Doing it on someone else's property i.e. a fence, or a business wall is pretty rude, but then when you are on the train, sometimes it's beautiful and scenic. Reply

jules 1

Posted by: jules 1
Posted: 16th Jun 2011

jules 1 says: yes, . I totally agree, if the people are caught that are doing this 'tag' they should be made to clean what ever it is that they have tagged, then clean the rest of the area. This would make them STOP and think before they do it again ... maybe.!!!! Reply


Posted by: RainbowSpirit
Posted: 10th Nov 2011

RainbowSpirit says: I reckon taggers should tag the property they live on, why do they always target other people's property and never their own. Some are beautiful, I admit and I agree with Pet, that the council should have some kind of area where they are allowed to portray their artisitic skills. They never know, someone might like their work and want more......... Reply


Posted by: pothum
Posted: 13th Nov 2011

pothum says: Yoyally agree, some young adults just can't keep pens off anything - desks, walls, doors, etc. Just wish they would clean up as well. Reply


Posted by: hellanol
Posted: 14th Nov 2011

hellanol says: annoying yes, but then again, what is cave paintings? Reply


Posted by: malc
Posted: 6th Oct 2012

malc says: Perhaps I am getting too old , but we and our newsmedia try to make anti social behaviour respectable by bringing ourselfs down to the perbetrators own language. Newsmedia, Police, public profile people, etc now always use the word "Tagging" or "Tagger" . It is vandalism or graffiti . The same with an arsonist . that act is often called "Torching' givning a degree of respecibility to it. The same with this stupid craze of inhaling from gas cannisters or sniffing it and everyone calls it "huffing" . Perhaps the offenders think its cool to have their own language for their behaviour, but for society to copy it does not seem right.

' Reply


Posted by: Ang
Posted: 21st Oct 2012

Ang says: I agree councils should try help eliminate the tagging by helping provide a better outlet for these people. Granted this prolly will not stop them but may help decrease the mount of it. Reply


Posted by: divine
Posted: 26th Oct 2012

divine says: Its an art form! And is also making our society look a whole lot better Reply

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