Relay for life

Relay For Life is one of my charities of choice. Cancer is an awful, horrible disease and we need to do everything we can to find a cure.

I am a member of our local RFL committee and also a member of a relay team. We hope to raise a huge amount of money at our event in March to make a difference.

I challenge you all to go to the website and register in your area and help fight this disease

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Posted by: Rosie
Posted: 9th Feb 2011

Rosie says: hi there.. im also a big fan of the RFL as we(my family) started going to the relay since last year, so my family & i joined the "Green Prescription Group. We all enjoyed ourselves so much last year that we decided straight after that we were going to join this year but our own family group because we have had so many family relatives die of this ugly sickness. We cant wait for March for the RFL to start. Also because we can camp out at the site. Reply

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