Cystic fibrosis

Wow, how few people know about CF. I remember in the Kennet days when he shut down hospital wards and the patients with CF had to tend to eachother. This debilitating disease effects so very many people and yet the state government funding doesn't touch the edges of need. I don't begrudge high profile fundraising for issues such as breast cancer, however there is a dire need to expand the education of other life taking illnesses and focus some fundraising towards these less known

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Posted by: drinky
Posted: 17th Dec 2010

drinky says:
I totally agree,but there are other groups,which must also need more funding.
I am not clear as to how governments decide.what groups will have assistance? Reply


Posted by: butterfly
Posted: 20th Dec 2010

butterfly says: I saw what this did too one beautiful young girl, she carried on fighting every day but it beat her many years ago now when she was only 21. Reply


Posted by: mistymae53
Posted: 15th Mar 2011

mistymae53 says: As a parent of a child with cancer, I have always mainly supported this charity. It does bewilder me though, that an illness as horrible as cystic fibrosis seems to be minimalized. I am not blind to the fact that childhood cancer receives an incredible amount of support, but cystic fibrosis seems to be overlooked. I used to walk past the wards where there were children suffering from cystic fibrosis when my child was having treatment for cancer, and though my child's treatment was dreadful, I was well aware of the dreadful illness that these children were having to deal with. Cystic Fibrosis is an illness that steals the lives of sufferers at a young age, why on earth is there not more awareness and compassion for these children, and much more money to assist them. This of-course applies to older sufferers also, as the need for support with this illness in particular often increases with age. My heart goes out to people with this illness, sometimes life isn't fair! Reply

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