Acai berry: do they deserve the hype?

Acai Berry products are flying off the shelves as consummers attempt to shed unwanted kilos in record time. The claims from the producers state that you will loose fat incredibly fast, yet there has not been any controlled studies to support these claims. This does not stop them from using it as their number one ploy to rope people in and the business has sky-rocketed. Aside from an incredibly high level of antioxidents contained within the little fruit (they are not actually berries), there is not enough evidence to support the claims of these multi-million dollar companies. Why is it that we are so willing to part with our dollars for a substitue when just halving our food intake could radically shed kilos? Would you rather take a pill or powder to loose weight, or eat better meals and have the full flavour and diversity of nutrition?

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Posted by: jazlovestoskate
Posted: 29th Dec 2010

jazlovestoskate says: i beleive people are looking for an easy way to loose weight, if they spend money it saves them time and energy they would otherwise have to put into a healthy diet and regular exerscise. but unfortunanlty thats what people want, an easy way to loose weight without the months of effort, which is why so many people buy into the claimed "quick fixes" that rarely if ever work. i would personally much prefer an interesting and nutricious diet (combined with regular exerscise), i hate the idea of eating the same thing all the time, especially a dull little "berry" which from my expirience, doesnt taste that great either. blueberries ad other berries so far seem like they do more for you Reply


Posted by: hubbu
Posted: 8th Feb 2011

hubbu says: You no what I have tried alot of pills tablets, etc and nothing has worked. All i had to do was stop eating at night do more exercise. Know that works oh and also watch what you eat. I got stuck onto a certain weight and couldn't lose it any more so i started buying shake and yes they do work, I am starting to lose weight but slowly again. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 2nd Sep 2011

says: Yes Acai berry is worth taking, high in antioxidents, combine it with a balanced diet and exercise. If it didn't work why is it still so popular and not shunned by health professionals? I take it daily and will continue to do so. Reply


Posted by: mrsunicorn
Posted: 7th Nov 2011

mrsunicorn says: diet and excises the only way to go. If you lose on this I expect you will put it all back on just like any fad diet, so slow and steady will do the trick. Reply

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