Teen pregnancy

Teen pregnancies are not new in the world. So why do you think there is still such a taboo about it? It's been happening for years, yet girls are still looked down upon by some people in society.

I have been there, so I certainly don't judge :) Just because you are older, doesn't make you a better person to raise a family.

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Posted by: woosif
Posted: 19th Nov 2010

woosif says: Yes I agree doesnt matter how old you are YOU as a person decideds if you want to be a responsible mum or dad BUT you would do a better rounded job if there were a father and mother, it has been proved in many social and psychological assessments on parents and children that if you have a normal upbringing (1 father 1 mother, nice family background ect ect) that the child will become a well rounded adult and make hopefully well rounded choices. Personally from an older mother I wasnt ready to have a child due to university and not starting work until 22 i didnt have any money in the bank, and it would not have been fair to have a child when I needed to have my thoughts elsewhere NOW after working with my degree and travelling for a year I was ready to find someone but didnt until I was 32 and had my first child at 37 I was very ready and now luckily can stay at home back nutritional food and do so much more more my children rather than place them in care somewhere, I value my time with them do alot with them and they are already wise little people if i had a child too early then um well I dont need to think that anymore Reply


Posted by: cat
Posted: 25th Nov 2010

cat says: is it a taboo subject, wow. i think teenage girls give sex to get love and teenage boys give love to get sex. i thought it was normal sad but normal. i dont judge the girls or boys but i believe learning about parenting " warts and all" should be part of their school curriculum, Reply


Posted by: safestreetsecurity
Posted: 28th Nov 2010

safestreetsecurity says: i don't look down on young people that have children But not many people know that every one has a hormonal change in the brain every seven years
the likes and dislikes change every seven years
so it will be a good chance that if you start a relationship before you are 21 years old you will not be together after this I see a lot of single parents trying to bring up young children
Relationships will mostly brake down at the age of 14,21,28,35,42,49 after this who cares Children will learn 85% of basic life time skills by the time they are 7 and they will have the biggest social change at 14 Reply


Posted by: Shay-Dee
Posted: 29th Nov 2010

Shay-Dee says: Well, I think the biggest issue is just that they don't get a chance to socialise, and "play" like their peers do. They have to grow up before thier time so to speak. It's an isuue because it's "babies" having babies.

But I know a few people who have done it, and they usually work twice as hard at being a good parent, just to prove people wrong. And they end up being better parents than those that judge ....

SOOOOOO we shouldn't be judging them.

Then their are the ones who people constantly look down on because they think they are too young to be having children, when they just look young for their age. When I was 24 with two tots, I was still being mistaken for 16 or 17 :(, even someone who knew misjudged me from a distance once, and realised when I got closer who it was ...

We whould not judge anyone, especially those we don;t know, as we don't know the stories behind their lives :) Reply


Posted by: heatherann
Posted: 22nd Oct 2012

heatherann says: Unfortunately there is a lot of judgement throughout the world; people judge others on everything from appearance, status, sexuality, gender etc - it goes on & on and can be very depressing. However without everyone forming opinions (which in turn does result in judgement) we would not be able to make choices within our communities, this is why we have to be so careful and why rules, regulations & laws are formed and enforced.

There is way to much going on in the world today for us not to recognize and react to what society does & does not do for people to not continue to put pressure on those that do not abide by some laws, regulations & expected behaviors & life choices like for e.g teenage pregnancy ( among many other subjects).

I am one of those teenage mums & now have 4 children, however the formation of the family unit I have created has come from the opinions, judgements & criticisms of society - thus my family has grown to become a stable & loving family with the knowledge that we all have choices & that what we choose to do not only effects ourselves but also those around us.

My Children are 26, 24, 22 & 16, & now I am a grandparent & still take into consideration the opinions, judgements & criticisms of others because I still wish to be able to make a choice in my life. I actually enjoy hearing from others as most people often have something very significant to say & I am always open to new information. Reply


Posted by: Mustang17
Posted: 15th Dec 2012

Mustang17 says: I believe that there are some really caring teenage mums out there, who fell pregnant by mistake and now have a responsiblity for at least 18 years of their life. What I don't agree with is, how some people consider it a career as the Government will continue to pay them to stay at home and pop out children. Especially when they bought out the baby bonus and were paying them $4,000 in one hit. Thank god they changed that..
Children are expensive and not a form of income generating via the tax payer.
There are those who know that to get ahead in life they will need to finish their education or find a job and thats okay to get supplements as they are low and single income earners.
But it should not be up to the taxpayer to fund an ongoing lifestyle.. Reply

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