Thoughts and ideas about impending supposed doomsday. Is it necessary to look carefully at the outcome of a global environmental crisis and prepare or do we keep our heads in the sand

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the bear

Posted by: the bear
Posted: 29th May 2010

the bear says: it is just like when it was turning 2000 they all thourt the wold was going to be trouble Reply


Posted by: simo
Posted: 4th Aug 2010

simo says: Frog in the beaker of water slowly boiling- if you don't understand this concept basically a frog will not get into hot water but if you slowly turn the temperature up-they stay and are boiled- we are the same the temperature is rising and we are so concened with wall street and the latest dragonball z and who ius wearing what it doesn't matter anymore Reply


Posted by: DeltronZer0
Posted: 19th Aug 2010

DeltronZer0 says: We should be carefully looking at the outcome of all global environment crisis' and try to minimise the cost that these disasters have on our environment, and therefore ourselves.
Nothing will happen in 2012 of the likes that some people who beleive in the whole Mayan apocalypse scenario or a 2nd coming of Jesus. That has been misunderstood by the mainstream for a long time. While the Mayans did predict that 2012 was going to be the end of something, it was only that particular age (or end of the Mayan calender) that was ending and would then start a new, beginning the Mayan calender from the start. It works in cycles. Reply


Posted by: hispania
Posted: 2nd Oct 2010

hispania says: Climate change is real. Weather events are more extreme and the extreme events are more frequent. Logic says human activity produces effects that must alter the earth's natural balance. We do have to do something to rein in our impact on the atmosphere. Reply


Posted by: simla
Posted: 15th Apr 2013

simla says: Hi Topsy, it's now 2013,April 15th. At present it seems that North Korea's threat to launch a nuclear missile is the main threat to us humans.
We came through 2000 without serious computer problems. The solar flares remain a threat to world's communications, and the meteors/ asteroids are a worry.
Now we have to hope we don't blow ourselves up! Reply


Posted by: android#73
Posted: 28th Apr 2013

android#73 says: The world won't end,humans as a species might become extinct or very close to it.That's just how earth works,its only our time for so long before the earth purges& cleanses itself in a sort of rebirth every so often with things like ice-ages. Reply

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