Coffee or tea

Why are you a coffee drinker only?
Why are you a tea drinker only?
Why both?

Last reply: 19th Mar 2019 / 9 replies / Post by queentulip

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Posted by: kay62
Posted: 14th Feb 2019

kay62 says: coffee or tea
I drink coffee most but like tea as well Reply


Posted by: Sparkynzl
Posted: 19th Feb 2019

Sparkynzl says: Coffee only not a fan of tea Reply


Posted by: ralf71
Posted: 20th Feb 2019

ralf71 says: I only drink coffee. When I was pregnant I went off all caffeine, but after I had my son when I tried to drink tea again I found I could taste the tannin really strongly so do not drink black tea anymore. Reply


Posted by: tweety22au
Posted: 2nd Mar 2019

tweety22au says: Coffee Reply


Posted by: Frank31584638
Posted: 6th Mar 2019

Frank31584638 says: I admire both coffee and tea. Perfect way to start breakfast everyday. Reply

Andrew Chun-to31635484

Posted by: Andrew Chun-to31635484
Posted: 14th Mar 2019

Andrew Chun-to31635484 says: Coffee Reply


Posted by: Arjun31637537
Posted: 14th Mar 2019

Arjun31637537 says: After drinking tea or coffee , I feel energetic.. Reply


Posted by: anglesea
Posted: 18th Mar 2019

anglesea says: Why can't I be both. And I am Reply


Posted by: poppyb
Posted: 19th Mar 2019

poppyb says: I am a tea drinker only.. No coffee, no alcohol and very little water... Just love my "cuppa" Reply

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