Who is to blame

There are two scenarios. 1. A father puts money aside for his son. When the son is ready to leave home the father buys his son a home and car. Now he says you have a head start in life. Take care of your home and car and enjoy. The son moves in - trashes the home, smashes up the car and then tells the father. "It's your fault you didn't stop me."
The father says you are an adult I expect you to act wisely.
2. The father puts money aside and buys his son a house and car when he comes of age. He gives them to his son. However he constantly checks the home to see if it is clean and tidy and is continually correcting his son for not looking after the home properly. The car he keeps to drive his son where he needs to go.
The son is upset. How can I grow up if you keep treating me like a child. You need to let me be responsible for my home and car.
When we trash our planet how can we blame the Creator for what we have done. Why do we always have to blame someone else for our own stupidity? We even go as far as killing others and the blame the Creator as as excuse.

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