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The topic says it all. Students in Australia are facing stress and pressure from studies. This mainly includes university students. The reason I brought this topic up is because I would like to hear people's opinion on food around their university. There are students who have to work to ensure they get sufficient amount for their future, but because they do not want to further burden their parents, they use a small portion of their earnings for food and miscellaneous. I understand many students are supposed to learn and grow and other excuses, but having the thought of it, at least maybe the students deserve a break for once. After all, they are going to let go of their teenage days after graduating. Especially international students that only dependent on their own cooking, it cannot be safe to say they are the better chef than some chef out there. The topic here is to discuss on where cheap and good food can be find near their campus. This not only give benefits to students, but also to the business, as some business names will get shout-out from you. My topic mostly focus in Melbourne area, but feel free to suggest a restaurant for other students outside Melbourne. Your opinions and thoughts might give a student a good meal at a fair price.

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Posted by: Deepika
Posted: 1st Apr 2018

Deepika says: I am in Adelaide.. I used to cook my meals from scratch as they are cheaper while trying to get as much nutrition as possible... I would always carry my food and drinks along while I am out so I don't have to buy them from outside.

I would grab my groceries on specials and sizes that would minimise waste.

'Vinos Dhaba' near airport and 'Indian Temptations' on north road are worth trying as they serve good sizes for a fair price and authentic taste. Reply


Posted by: Bazz
Posted: 4th Apr 2018

Bazz says: Been there, done that here in Adelaide. Your nearest vegan eateries are your best bet... safe, clean, cheap & healthy. Melbourne has the most & some of the best of these. Some very good ones are "all you can eat" for one low price, just like the Govinda's Restaurant Chain provides. I don't want to give shout-outs & the list is seemingly endless, but I have eaten in many of Melbourne's cheaper vegan restaurants & vegan cafes. The education system here is terrible & getting quickly worse. Free food on campus used to be everywhere everyday & on-campus food used to be cheap & reasonable quality. Unfortunately, tertiary institutions ALL now just accept the highest bidder when accepting tendered contracts & pay Zero attention to who will provide the greatest benefits to staff & students who need to eat there. My parents' generation education from birth to tertiary was either Totally Free or Virtually Free!!! International students pay unfairly high fees on everything & are often unaware of how to be, um, 'streetwise' in the local area. Unfortunately, that's the user-pays system & the two-party paradigm which my parents generation consistently voted for. Make sure you spend any free time you can to campaign against The Establishment here, especially when they don't give you a choice. Reply

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