What do you guys think about malaysia?

Hi, I am Nur from Malaysia.. i just want to know people’s view and opinion about my country. Is there any special places and attractions in Malaysia that triggered people to visit Malaysia.

Last reply: 5th Dec 2017 / 2 replies / Post by NurPah

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Big Gus

Posted by: Big Gus
Posted: 5th Dec 2017

Big Gus says: Hello NurPah.
Why would anyone wish to go anywhere else but this wonderful country that we have here. Yes, it is more expensive to go to wonderful places in this country, but the rewards are just so fulfilling seeing and visiting attractions and and places we have to offer in this country. Reply


Posted by: kimmaree84
Posted: 5th Dec 2017

kimmaree84 says: I’ve travelled to Penang and loved it there. Great food, interesting culture, beaches, street art - but the thing that got me there in the first place were cheap flights! Reply

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