Supermarkets and shopping trolleys

More often than not when I am shopping I get one of those supermarket trolleys that goes anywhere but where I want it to and I have noticed that the constant straining to force it to go the way I want is putting a lot more pressure on an already sore leg. Is it unreasonable to expect supermarkets to ensure that their trolleys are always in good condition? After all they do want us to shop at their stores..

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Posted by: Moongold
Posted: 18th Sep 2017

Moongold says: Please be very careful to not force these trolleys as they can do serious damage to the spine and other joints. I was warned about this by my chiropractor and indeed have ended up with needing spinal surgery after several years. Trying to force trolleys to go the way I want or correct them from heading in the direction they're going I believe is partly to blame. Go with the flow until you can correct their direction with the least effort! Reply

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