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I love doing the shopping for myself and my family so i am always interested in new products pricing and much more.

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Posted by: helen30692411
Posted: 20th Jun 2017

helen30692411 says: Yes that is my problem. I love browsing through the aisles of a supermarket, and if something says NEW, I need to try it to see what's it like. Usually hubby and I go together, but I so wish he would maybe not follow me to the letter and hover!!! I like my space .... Reply


Posted by: ZheHFang
Posted: 21st Jun 2017

ZheHFang says: Good! I did that too. It's also one way of de-stressing yourself after a whole-day work/study! Reply


Posted by: frannymanny
Posted: 13th Jul 2017

frannymanny says: I really really really dislike shopping and I am very price driven Reply

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