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Over the recent Christmas break, we travelled to Brisbane from Melbourne by road to visit my son staying there. It was a long 21 hour journey but we enjoyed the drive and the time together. We were not planning to do it in a day but a have break either in Dubbo or Gilgandra but as we reached Dubbo, my youngest daughter asked if we could drive through and surprise our son who was expecting us the next day! So between my wife and myself, we drove through the night and reached Brisbane at 1.30am the next day. Going through Toowoomba was also quite special, as it had rained earlier and it had a thick mist over the town! Surprisingly we did not feel that tired and it was a pleasant surprise for my son and it was great to spend time there and welcome in the New Year by the Brisbane River! Would do it again if I had to and hopefully visit other towns on the way!
It would be great to hear your road trip stories whether to Brisbane or elsewhere? Especially some exciting/funny situations!

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Posted by: Catenary
Posted: 1st Mar 2016

Catenary says: We travelled to WA, towing our caravan, and went to a place I had wanted to see ever since I first heard about it at primary school - Cape Leuwin, Australia's south-western exremity. We went down to the lighthouse, and walked to the point on the beach where there was a sign saying 'Southern Ocean that way, and Indian Ocean this way' Fascinating! Then we strolled back to our car. When we got to the car, there was a young couple (honeymooners, it turns out) looking at our Victorian number plates. The girl said "Did you really drive over from Victoria?!!" When we said "yes", she turned to her husband and said "Did you hear that? All the way from Victoria!"
We couldn't help smiling. Driving over from Victoria was the longest trip we had taken at that time, but it was not really a risky venture. The Eyre Highway across the Nullarbor is an excellent sealed road all the way, and service stations are no further apart than 190km. And you see another car or truck at least every 20 minutes or so. Reply

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