Japan or france

if you had the chance would you go to Japan or would you go to France? tell us why

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Posted by: catlady
Posted: 31st Aug 2015

catlady says: hi, Lari, I'm a keen traveler, funds permitting, and have been to Paris and loved it. Would love to see more of the country though because of its history, architecture and scenery. First world war sites are top of the list. Reply


Posted by: Lari
Posted: 31st Aug 2015

catlady says: hi, Lari, I'm a keen traveler, funds permitting, and have been to Paris and loved it. Would love to see more of the country though because of its history, architecture and scenery. First world war...

Lari says: Awesome! I'm a huge fan of anime, s I'd love to go to Japan someday! The culture is supposed to be amazing, and I love all the traditions. That said, I would also like to visit France because I've seen it only in movies. I'd love to visit the Effel tower someday. Reply


Posted by: mel0301
Posted: 14th Sep 2015

catlady says: hi, Lari, I'm a keen traveler, funds permitting, and have been to Paris and loved it. Would love to see more of the country though because of its history, architecture and scenery. First world war...

mel0301 says: Japan... have not been there yet... have been to France. Reply


Posted by: Toni
Posted: 10th Sep 2015

Toni says: I would love to go to Japan to visit my brother and sister and their family as well as our whole clan in Okinawa. I am a Japanese descendant. Reply


Posted by: Rach1303
Posted: 10th Sep 2015

Rach1303 says: Japan, I have been to France but not Japan. I love learning about new cultures and Japan would be a fantastic place to learn more and see. Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 4th Jan 2018

Rach1303 says: Japan, I have been to France but not Japan. I love learning about new cultures and Japan would be a fantastic place to learn more and see.

PGS says: Same here, but would happily go to either. Reply


Posted by: Ziah
Posted: 10th Sep 2015

Ziah says: France. I speak a little French (enough to get by), but wild horses couldn't get me anywhere near Fukushima... Reply


Posted by: Grimonel
Posted: 10th Sep 2015

Grimonel says: I would you go to France.
I love European live style. Reply


Posted by: oldmac
Posted: 10th Sep 2015

oldmac says: I would love to see Japan , for both its technology and also its beauty.


Posted by: Eha
Posted: 10th Sep 2015

Eha says: Have been lucky enough to have visited both many times . . . altho' I have many friends in France I would definitely go to Japan first: a pricelessly beautiful, stylish, historical country with a culture not easy to understand at first glance but oh so worthwhile to get to know! Fabulous food also . . and as in Switzerland, everything runs to time :) ! Reply


Posted by: custodio
Posted: 10th Sep 2015

custodio says: Japan Reply


Posted by: MazzyJ
Posted: 10th Sep 2015

MazzyJ says: Neither I really want to go to the UK to see Stone Henge.
ut if some one gave mea holiday to either one I wouldn't say no after not being able to have a holiday for 14 years because I really can't afford one Reply


Posted by: Ashar
Posted: 10th Sep 2015

Ashar says: France, the attractions are more iconic there, the cuisine is more to my liking, easier to learn French than Japanese. Reply


Posted by: Sandy
Posted: 11th Sep 2015

Sandy says: Have been to both Counties. I enjoyed Japan best as travelling with a Japanese I really experienced their culture. Communal baths, sleeping on floor. trying to eat with chopsticks (third day a spoon appeared for me.) Reply


Posted by: Scott
Posted: 11th Sep 2015

Scott says: I'm lucky enough to have been to both.

For a return visit, it's a hard call - there are things I love in Japan that I'd like to revisit and things I know I haven't seen that I want to.

Personally, if it was a short trip, I'd go to Japan. If it was a long trip, I'd go to France and tack it on to a larger Europe trip.

But, I'm going to say it depends on your interests - if you don't like historical buildings and european food, go to Japan. If you don't like Sushi and polite people, go to France ;) Reply


Posted by: Skylark
Posted: 11th Sep 2015

Skylark says: France. So much history, and I have 2 great great uncles buried there.
I'm just more interested in French/European history than Japan's. Reply


Posted by: zoejayne
Posted: 11th Sep 2015

zoejayne says: I'd go to France. I would just love the opportunity to see any part of Europe, for both its history and its scenery. Reply


Posted by: NickNZ
Posted: 11th Sep 2015

NickNZ says: France. The culture, history, relaxed way of life. And the friendly way of life. The Japanese seem more reserved, less accepting of their past...atrocities.
The French embrace you, and welcome you. Reply


Posted by: AI
Posted: 11th Sep 2015

AI says: Japan and want to go to onsen (spa). Also want to eat snacks such as senbei (rice cracker) and healthy low salt, no artificial food added snacks. Reply


Posted by: robmondo
Posted: 11th Sep 2015

robmondo says: japan love the culture Reply


Posted by: beachnanny
Posted: 12th Sep 2015

beachnanny says: France always France.... to experience the art, culture, and try their cusine


Posted by: Leonardus
Posted: 12th Sep 2015

Leonardus says: France to try the food Reply


Posted by: daphners
Posted: 12th Sep 2015

daphners says: Japan because my father served in J Force there and I would be interested to visit the areas he was based at Reply


Posted by: glenny18
Posted: 12th Sep 2015

glenny18 says: Japan for sure, we have a Japanese garden filled with weeping maples and love Autumn. So would have to go In Autumn and then go back in spring, also the culture and the people. I would like to see more of the country side than the cities. Reply


Posted by: Luvmydogs
Posted: 12th Sep 2015

Luvmydogs says: Spent 3 days in Paris early July this year & it definitely wasn't long enough! Would love to go back & spend some more time there to discover the real Paris & not just the tourist one, where they take you to all of the "tourist" sights! Reply


Posted by: skagaray
Posted: 12th Sep 2015

skagaray says: France because some of my ancestors come from there and also both my grandfather and my wife's grandfather were there in World War 1 and we would like to see the battlefields. I would also love to see France as a part of Europe, which intrigues me. Reply


Posted by: Lukey23
Posted: 13th Sep 2015

Lukey23 says: I would choose France, because its off course Europe and you would have a one shot chance of being able to go there while Japan is much closer to Aus and its cheaper to go there. If you have a chance to go far, then take france because while the dollar is bad, you might as well enjoy it somewhere else. Reply


Posted by: Bootlace
Posted: 13th Sep 2015

Bootlace says: Paris. One of the most beautiful cities in the world. Reply


Posted by: Jojo1
Posted: 13th Sep 2015

Jojo1 says: I'd go to Japan as I have not been there, but I have been to France. Reply


Posted by: Ash
Posted: 14th Sep 2015

Ash says: I would love to travel to both countries, but if I had to choose one I would pick France. I have a smattering of the language, and I love learning about European history (especially WWII). Touring the vineyards is another huge draw. Reply


Posted by: GoBears
Posted: 14th Sep 2015

GoBears says: Been to France twice, so my choice is easy.... Japan. Visiting Kyoto, the former capital would be top of the list and some of the numerous temples there, the gardens and all the natural beauty it has to offer, like the Kinkakuji temple. Reply


Posted by: Jenni
Posted: 14th Sep 2015

Jenni says: Japan - for ice sculptures and cherry blossom time - 2 different trips, I guess Reply


Posted by: gero
Posted: 14th Sep 2015

gero says: france Reply


Posted by: Tam
Posted: 14th Sep 2015

Tam says: Hi Lari,
I would have to say that France has always been somewhere that I would love to go to. The landmark of the Eiffel tower just add to the beauty of the city. Being known as the heart of romance, it is definitely somewhere that I would love to visit. Great history and sights to see, who wouldn't want to visit France :) Reply


Posted by: juneebabe
Posted: 17th Sep 2015

juneebabe says: Hi Lari, I'd prefer Japan as the historical nature of this land fascinates me endlessly.. It's been one of my many essays at school - also the buildings & the integrity of these inscrutable people Reply


Posted by: Pellier
Posted: 18th Sep 2015

Pellier says: I have been lucky enough to visit both, however, France would be my choice. I have been to France 3 times and I want to go back because there are still a lot of places I want to visit. The food is great, lots of history, wineries to visit, beautiful sights, lovely countryside etc.
Japan would make for an exciting destination as well. I throughly enjoyed my visit. Reply


Posted by: Shambles
Posted: 19th Sep 2015

Shambles says: I would go to France and take at least a 2 week river cruise and then spend time in Paris. Reply

William Tell

Posted by: William Tell
Posted: 24th Sep 2015

William Tell says: I love France and it's countryside, food, architecture, art, culture and it's glorious wines especially their champagnes. How could you not go past France as it is a country of great civilization ever since the continent of Europe was born !!!
I was only there last year after my trip to Switzerland which is a beauty to behold in it's countryside. There is even a part of France there too as some if it's population do speak French. No if it is sublime you want, France is the place !!! Reply


Posted by: Beebee
Posted: 24th Sep 2015

Beebee says: I would go to France because i love european food and culture Reply


Posted by: grrl
Posted: 5th Oct 2015

grrl says: Paris, France because i had the opportunity to be there for three days. It wasnt enough time to look around so i definitly want to go back Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 16th Nov 2015

PGS says: Been to France several times - I have family there - & love going there, although I REALLY don't like leaving via CDG airport.

Japan I'd like to go to, but am not fussed on Japanese foods. Most other Asian foods are fine. I do realise there will be some Western take-aways as options, but most of them are not really options.

I would go to either, but food wise France is preferred - though maybe not this week. I'm with Paris. Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 11th Jun 2017

PGS says: With the current problems in France, I would be inclined to avoid it for a while. I know there is little chance of being caught up by the weirdos with explosives, but why take the risk. As soon as it is labelled "terrorist attack", the insurance companies have a means of avoiding payout. Reply


Posted by: Silentkiller
Posted: 19th Aug 2017

Silentkiller says: I prefer Japan as Japanese is very polite and friendly. I like their culture, food (snacks, sushi, sashimi etc.), advanced technology, music, hot spring and lots of beautiful sceneries all over the countryside. Reply

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