Lactose intollerance

I am interested to hear from people that became lactose intolerant in their adult years. What affect has this had on you and how did you find out you were intolerant to lactose?

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Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 25th Jul 2015

says: Hi there. I haven't been tested but someone suggested I might be after a number of really horrendous stomach cramps etc. I changed to lactose free products and have never looked back. Reply


Posted by: Josh23.5
Posted: 28th Jul 2015

Josh23.5 says: gday, I found out I was lactose intolerant when I had a medical procedure, it has not really affected me I just monitor how much dairy I have, I found it helps to still have diary in the diet to help with the tolerance like a serving of yoghurt a day. Although I cant have lots of lactose foods everyday Reply


Posted by: joose
Posted: 29th Jul 2015

joose says: Looking back I realise I never liked milky drinks or cereal, even drinking my tea black. I know now I have an intolerance, some cheese and yogurt are fine but a coffee with full cream milk has me feeling ill all day. My son is very intolerant, he has eliminated it almost totally from his diet except in a few prepackaged foods and the odd home made cake. Reply

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