Mobile phones

Our first topic is about something many of us would rather live without, but double back home to get if we leave them behind. Mobile phones.

We'd like to know your thoughts on mobiles phones and their usage. Things like when you should or shouldn't use them, what time is too late to call someone and when is it appropriate or inappropriate to text or call.

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Posted by: Jacob971
Posted: 28th May 2007

Jacob971 says: These days I don't think there are many times when you shouldn't use them... Perhaps if you are alone with someone, or on a date though.

I've always thought that after 9pm is too late to call somebody, unless they are family or you know them really well. However I don't think there is ever a time when it is inappropriate to text somebody. A phone call demands that the recipent has to reply, but with a text they can choose to wait until morning if it is incovinient for them. Reply


Posted by: hoges
Posted: 5th Jun 2007

hoges says: A text message just to say hi is so annoying. People really need to call at that time. Reply


Posted by: Blackbird
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

Blackbird says: My daughter was attacked on the train a couple of weeks ago while I was at the station in the car waiting to collect her. When the train did not turn up and I got a call from an unknown mobile no at 12.42 AM I was very very glad that we have mobile phones as intrusive as they can be.
I think it is just down to common courtesy and also yourself., if you are not waiting for a call etc etc then put it on vibrate. If u don't want friends texting at 3am drunk etc, turn it off till the moring.
MObile phones have saved many a day for me!!!! :) Reply


Posted by: nomad
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

nomad says: I always try to call the person if they are available instead of putting the details in a sms about anything that should be asked in person. As I feel putting stuff that should be asked verbally in a sms is just wrong, rude and lazy. Or if you do need to ask it in a text because you can't bring ytourself to ask it in person or over the phone then you are just gutless and shouldn't bother asking then as it is inappropriate in my books to do that the person thats on the recieving end. Reply


Posted by: Hannie
Posted: 8th Jun 2007

Hannie says: Usually those txt's that should be a phone call end up in a phone call for me. Reply


Posted by: Z
Posted: 11th Jul 2007

Z says: I think that when you are out with family or people who arent considered good friends its is probably inappropraite to be texting others. It makes people feel uncomfortable and not important and its just rude. I think that texting people in the middle of the night for no other reason except for saying hi is rather rude as well, but if it was some sort of emergency or you knew that the person you were texting was also awake then it would be alright.
What annoys me is when people text just say hi or sup, cause its not very engaging and you often feel the need not to text them back Reply


Posted by: cleo
Posted: 16th Jul 2007

cleo says: I think that now days, its really up to the owner of a mobile phone to decide what the right thing is for them. Everyone believes that they should be heard and that they have a right to do what they want. That's what causes problems with mobiles. People think they are right about something (e.g. a fight between friends, a small disagreement between two different sides) and they rationalize their actions with their opinion. Mobiles are a great thing to have, I got my first one from my parents as a form of defence against kidnappers etc. (my parents were a bit overprotective..) and it has been of great use to me, mobiles are a great way to contact someone for reassurance when you're nowhere near a payphone or a house phone, but this is when they are being used properly. I have had threatening or scary texts, but thats all they were and I got help with it and they stopped, what happened to them I don't know, but even if you experience the bad side of a mobile, you can turn to family, police, even your phone company and if you don't want to tell someone u can just buy a new sim card or whole phone. Reply


Posted by: Jacob971
Posted: 17th Oct 2007

Jacob971 says: In today's society it is generally acceptable to say most things in a txt that could be said over the phone.

However, confidential information should not be passed through txts as it can be shown to many other people. Also it is not as accetable (although it does happen) to text message sensitive personal information, for example: breaking up with somebody, informing somebody of a death. Reply


Posted by: GalaB
Posted: 4th Nov 2007

GalaB says: Another decline in our society, is there something 'old fashioned' with manners, respect for others comes readily to mind. Not to mention the danger to other drivers, am continued to be amazed at the number of drivers using mobile phones, hands free equipment is readily available and the cost is negligible compared to the cost to human lives and vehicles. There is an off switch, run on silent with vibration should one be expecting a call. I would think after 21:00 would be too late to call someone, unless you are familiar with the bedtime habits and that person is close to you.
It is not another appendage to my body, one can survive with it. Excellent for emergency situations, granted.
Love thy neighbour as you would love yourself, if we all lived by this rule, the world would be a better place. Think before you act! Reply


Posted by: marianne
Posted: 10th Nov 2007

marianne says: I think that mobile phones can be a handy thing to have especially when you are meeting someone and they are late or even lost which is what has happened to me a couple of times. What I find annoying about them is when people text a message that only tells you a small amount of information so that you have to text back and ask them what they meant. I find this wasting money and time and the conversation would have been better if they'd made a phone call instead. Reply


Posted by: Gill
Posted: 3rd Mar 2008

Gill says: I think any news that is important to the party receiving it should be delivered through a more personal medium, rather than a text. This includes breaking up! It seems texting is has gained social acceptance as a means to communicate just about anything, anywhere, anytime, with little regard to how the recipient will feel when he/she read it. It is much more difficult to adjust the tone of a text than it is to moderate your voice. While I acknowledge that many circles of friends consider it acceptable to say anything at all via text, people need to remember that not everyone feels the same. Btw I text loads, but try to be thoughtful about content and time. I do want to keep all my friends! Reply


Posted by: farraboo
Posted: 10th Dec 2011

Jacob971 says: These days I don't think there are many times when you shouldn't use them... Perhaps if you are alone with someone, or on a date though.

I've always thought that after 9pm is too late to...

farraboo says: annoying as they may be, I find them really good especially when you forget that you have a doctor's appt and you would of forgot if they hadn't text to remind you. Reply


Posted by: monkey
Posted: 28th May 2007

monkey says: mobile phones are a handy thing to have for the sake of contact with people in an emergency. and there would be a lot of people out there that owe their lives to a passer-by who happened to phone for an ambulance whilst they were having a heart attack, but having said that, some comon unspoken guide lines do apply to usage when in public.
1. the entire train carraige does not need to know that you have a rash down there from last night, so lower your voice when using such devices.
2. just because my phone is on all night doesnt mean i want you to call it at 3 in the morning. so respect other peoples sleeping times.
3. not all people are up to date with mobile phone lingo. for example;"R U cumin 2 da club 2nite? F not whatz ^ wit dat?" i know we have to squeeze a message into the space of 150 characters or it will cost you double but come on guys, dont forget that if we cant understand the message, its going to cost you a call to explain it.

and finally
4. yes you have the latest mobile phone on the market, and it does everything but water your plants. but nobody wants to hear that damn annoying bobading ding ding crazy frog ringtone being blasted away on your phones maximum volume setting just because you think it sounds great, so have some manners and turn it down. what ever happened to ring ring? the times they are a changing. take care guys. Reply


Posted by: hoges
Posted: 5th Jun 2007

hoges says: Miz-Kaz is absolutely correct. Now, can you please tell everyone else about it? Reply


Posted by: Blackbird
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

Blackbird says: HI Peter, being a mum myself, guilty of sending my daughter many a garbled text message, I would have to say, 'good on your mum.!" She's trying to stay cool and keep up with new technology and she obviously loves u very much, which is why my daughter gets texts from me.. :) :) Reply


Posted by: AnnieZ
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

AnnieZ says: I think calls are needless when a reply isn't necessary. It sounds so fundamental, but its so frustrating when you run and race for the phone, or run out of a meeting only to get an FYI. This is more common among young girls that go phone crazy at the slightest gossip, those with no voicemail such as myself (I know, my bad!), and businessmen who wish the message did go to voicemail. Each of them get the phone call and face an awkward silence, thinking "How do you answer that?!"

My brother-in-law, for example, calls just to say "Your sister cooked this..." "I went to the shops and got this" "I'll be there in 5mins"... "I'll be there in 2mins"... "I'm outside"... It's nice to get informed, but if I don't need to know, and they don't need to tell me, then why? ... long story short, his bill is reaches $500/mth and I blame it on flagfall. Reply


Posted by: mustang6000
Posted: 28th Sep 2008

monkey says: mobile phones are a handy thing to have for the sake of contact with people in an emergency. and there would be a lot of people out there that owe their lives to a passer-by who happened to phone...

mustang6000 says: Totally agree. Why do you have to shout when on a mobile, it is so impolite in public space. Reply


Posted by: Miz_Kaz
Posted: 29th May 2007

Miz_Kaz says: I have a mobile phone. Had one for quite a few years now. Not the first to get one, and never quite 'up with the Jones's' when it comes to these things. However, I was given one by my other half for safety reasons etc. Just upgraded a few months ago to one with a camera - now, that I like. The rest is just dressing.
Turn the phone off if you're going out for a meal or a coffee with a friend - old or new. Shows them that you're interested in their company, not just as a buffer between phone calls. Mobile phones are no different to landline phones when it comes to when it is too late to phone! Any time after 8.30pm for a long call is waay too late - who likes missing the beginning of a good movie on tv or their favourite 1hr show. No matter how good a friend you are. Naturally, there are exceptions...Text messaging? anytime is a good time. Reply


Posted by: veegeeute
Posted: 29th May 2007

veegeeute says: Interesting and fairly hot topic!

I have an all singing all dancing phone and it is great, my ring tone is actually the bell from an old fashioned phone because it is distinctive and can be easily heard above day to day background noise.
Yes I hate the MP3 ring tones and I find they are often making a statement about the person who chose them which is fine in personal situations but highly inappropriate in a business setting.

Regarding times to call? I think anytime from 7.30am to 9.00pm is acceptable and this also applies to SMS/Text messages as I don't turn my phone off at night and it sits on my bedside table on charge.

If you send me an SMS when I am contactable by Voice I will ignore it until I chose to sit and flick through my messages which annoys people no end as they seem to think that it deserves instant attention which I don't believe is true.

I do however feel that my phone is indispensable and feel naked in a sense when I do happen to leave it behind but I refuse to become a slave to my phone.

Then there is the Camera phone................. I have an excellent 2 mega pixel Cam on my phone and I use it daily to snap items of interest from cars to stuff in stores which I dutifully dump onto my laptop at the end of the day, Awesome feature especially when they are decent quality pics.

Finally my big beef regarding Phones is their lifespan, I always fine things like the buttons or screens die at roughly the 18 month mark and yet my contracts are often 2 years and yet again my current phone is displaying symptoms of old age at 18 months!
It isnt a cheap phone and yet it still suffers from issues 3/4s of the way thru the contract.

Is it a plot? Reply


Posted by: Zanna
Posted: 29th May 2007

Zanna says: Oh boy manners have certainly not caught up with this rapidly accelerating fad. The first thing that bothers me is people bragging and spending absurd amounts of time talking about their mobile phone. When I'm told it has bluetooth, wifi, gsm, a couple of games, voice recognition and realtones I instantly get bored, and when I ask what half of these features do I get stared at blankly. It's the "I don't know how to use it but it makes me look cool" attitude. If it's the first time I'm meeting someone and all they can do is talk about their phone it spells out "materialistic" to me.

Worse yet is when friends - or anyone - are having a txt conversation while having a verbal conversation with me. They see me for the first time in 2 weeks, ask me how I've been and the moment I start speaking receive a txt. Rather than ignoring it for a whole 5 minutes until we've caught up a little they immediately read it and start pressing buttons to send a big long reply. Reading between the lines: "you're so boring to talk to after 2 seconds that I need to have another conversation too."

Some of the people I know that are moby addicts also tend to get rude and angry if anyone, including myself, does not instantly reply to calls or messages. Too bad since I tend to accidentally leave my phone at home when I go out half the time if it's even switched on at all.

And the one final axe to grind... people chatting to me on the phone while they go to the toilet. Need I say any more?! :\



Posted by: Ellen
Posted: 30th May 2007

Ellen says: I beleive mobile phones are becomming more and more acceptable to use in most situations.

I do think however that it is rude to use mobile phones during business meetings, during seminars or courses, during social meetings like lunch dinner (especially when there are only 2 of you attending).
Same applies for text.
I think you have to use the phone in situations like the above you should excuse yourself and leave the room.

I think phone calls should be kept to a minimum after about 9pm at night unless you are sure that the person is up and expecting your call. I think texts can be sent a bit later so the person has more choice about weather of not they would like to answer. Reply


Posted by: Alicia
Posted: 31st May 2007

Alicia says: Mobile phones have made life easier, and safer. I have been caught in situations where if I didn't have a mobile, I would have be stuck. Simple things like a flat tyre. I was heavily pregnant and no one stopped to help I tried doinf it myslef, but was able to call a friend to come down. I can't afford RACQ, with my phone being more helpful.
We shouldn't talk on them in a car, as even with hands free, you get distracted.
People shouldn't call or text after 9pm. Most people are either in bed or chilling out ofter a hard days work, and the last thing you feel like is talking on the phone. Most things can wait till the next day. Nothing annoys me more, when a friend sends a text message when they are out clubbing. Not only does it wake me up, but I have to check it in case it is important, only to read a drunken message about what a good time they are having. My god, I sound like I am 50!!! But honestly, a bit of comensence could go a long way. Reply


Posted by: heartharmony
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

heartharmony says: Recently I bought my daughter her first (prepaid) mobile phone and part of the deal was her having to sit down and listen to my little lecture on phone manners.

The main things we covered were:

* mobiles are just like normal phones so many of the old rules still apply - no calling/texting after 8.30pm (she is a kid after all),

* you don't have to immediately answer a call or text - it is OK to screen the call/text and return calls/texts at a more convenient time (teaching basic time management skills),

* if you are doing something really important or wanting/needing to focus on a person or a situation, then the phone is either turned to silent or turned off. This includes cinemas, at school, catching up with friends, during homework time. Once the focus is over you can check the phone, but not before or during. If you leave it on it shows that you don't truly value the people you are with.

* text is like email - they may or may not need a reply (think about each piece of communication before you do it or say it),

* don't text when you are angry. If you are angry turn the phone off and put it away for at least an hour to think about the best response.

* do text when you are happy. If you are really thrilled with something, it is OK to share your enthusiasm with your friends/family. I often text her to tell her I love her or to wish her luck before a test.

* at night - put the phone away. Mobiles don't need human contact at night - it is OK to put them on charge away from your bedside table and preferably downstairs (just in case you have rude friends who call or text at night).

Just like most tools, we need to be taught what is the best way to use it for maximum benefit, otherwise it can take over things and create more work rather than be the helper we originally bought it for. Reply


Posted by: Jinja
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

Jinja says: Nothing like a mobile phone call to disrupt a D & M - gone is the moment! Remember to turn it off before embarking on meaningful conversation. Oh, by the way, a doctor's surgery is not the place to have a loud mobile conversation, not to mention that it may interfere with your E.C.G. reading or other technical equipment. Reply


Posted by: Hannie
Posted: 8th Jun 2007

Hannie says: I got my first phone when I was 19 and that was only a few years ago. My younger sister got her first phone at 12, without mum's permission. So I think that's a good time to get a phone, as soon as kids are in high school they should have access to a mobile phone, and for me it is strickly not prior to that time. Reply


Posted by: heartharmony
Posted: 23rd Jul 2008

heartharmony says: I now have 2 kids with phones. My youngest is 10 and the oldest 12.

The 10 year old had to buy her own phone outright before I would consent to the phone and I pay for $15 credit every 2 months. This keeps calls to absolute essentials - usually me ringing her to rearrange pick-up times (or to tell her I had gone to the wrong jetty for her school excursion so had missed the boat and wouldn't be joining her).



Posted by: Hannie
Posted: 8th Jun 2007

Hannie says: Text's always need a response and the sooner the better! I am always slow to reply and I'm always getting extra txt's telling me to hurry up. If I didn't reply then I'd be a snob, so except for the cases where I want to snob the person I reply to every txt. I'm usually the one who writes the last txt because I think that they might think I'm rude. Calls are a better way of communicating, everyone knows that a message can be lost in the context of a txt. Reply


Posted by: Alicia
Posted: 13th Sep 2007

Alicia says: I do reply to almost all my text messages, but l don't feel I have to always. Sometimes it is easy to reply and it is a way of staying in touch we others. Reply


Posted by: jackie
Posted: 3rd Jun 2007

jackie says: When you call someone really depends on your relationship with the person. Texting is fine at anytime of the day or night. You should just try text when you are not in a meeting or in the middle of a conversation with someone.

Silent mode is great - it is a good way to check and see if someone important has called or sent a message without disturbing everyone.


Posted by: Dar
Posted: 5th Jun 2007

Dar says: I work in a newsagent & would like to say how frustrating it is when people try to buy something while having a conversation on their mobiles. It's quite common & I find it incredibly rude when people just plonk something on the counter & shove money at me like I don't even exist because they are on their mobiles. I think modern gadgets have alot to answer for in the decreasing manners & common courtesey of our society. Reply


Posted by: Blueboy07
Posted: 14th Dec 2007

Blueboy07 says: I tell my daughter to turn off her mobile phone in the cinema she goes why it is on silent i say to her it is rude and to turn it off Reply


Posted by: pancaketitties54
Posted: 23rd Apr 2008

pancaketitties54 says: I only use my Mobile when I go out so if my family want's to contact me they can.
What I hate about some Mobile phone user's is how rude they are when they are standing in line in a Store or a Resturant & continue there conversation.
I had a guy in front of me when we went out for Dinner...he continued his conversation..whilst there was several people standing behind him waiting to be served.
The young girl behind the counter told him to either hang up or leave the queue untill he finished his call.
He put the phone down ordered his meal then continued his conversation...he had absolutely no manner's whatsoever.


Posted by: hoges
Posted: 5th Jun 2007

hoges says: They should never ever be used in church, lectures or classrooms, or during a show. After 9 is pretty rude unless you have good reason, and texting in the middle of the night is quite rude. Reply


Posted by: halle
Posted: 5th Jun 2007

halle says: Shouldn't use them in movies, school concerts and the like. However, in saying that if you are having your child/ren babysat you want to be able to know that they are ok. I don't phone after 8:30pm and expect not to be xalled after then. Probably the same with texting except on special occasions - New Year, Birthday etc. Reply


Posted by: Gus
Posted: 6th Jun 2007

Gus says: Phones should be used like they are charging boths parties $10 a minute!
That way if its important, you can listen and talk and get straight to the point. if not, hang up.
I can not believe the bills that kids are ringing up these days(pardon the pun). Stories about $500 phone bills a month is ridiculous.

Think first, when would i like to receive those drunken calls and messages from friends? And in turn do not do the same thing back.

There is far too much reliance on texting as well! What happened to the good old days of getting contact with someone, because you actually wanted to get in contact with them? Or even meeting people face to face. ARGH! Reply


Posted by: Saywot
Posted: 6th Jun 2007

Saywot says: [quote]but double back home to get if we leave them behind.[/quote]
Not true !
I love gadgets, love technology but I abhor constant interruption either by people thinking that they must be in contact 24 hours a day with me or (just as bad) the people I'm with. Reply


Posted by: Amy_Liz
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

Amy_Liz says: As someone who works in retail I have to say that people are really losing their manners when it comes to mobile phones. I have reached the point where I will refuse to serve a customer until they are off the phone. Its often difficult to ask if they need a bag, what kind of account for the card they're using etc etc when they are carrying on a conversation. You often feel rude for interrupting when you are actually trying to serve this person effectively.

People often dont say please, thankyou or even say a word to you or look you in the eye when they are their mobile. I dont think its too much to ask to end the call or finish your conversation before you come to the counter to pay. I don't do it to people serving me and I dont expect it to be done to me either.

These forums are good for getting things off your chest. Thanks Cafestudy, I feel better already! Reply


Posted by: schnapperdoodles
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

schnapperdoodles says: I think mobile phones are one of the worst things invented. They seem be a licence to be rude and obnoxious and downright dangerous. I've lost count of the number of drivers I see daily using their mobiles while supposedly in control of a vehicle. Children use them to bully and harass at school and people hold up queues in banks and shops while they organise their social calendar. Having said all that I admit to having access to 2 mobile phones, my husbands and my daughters. I use my husbands if I'm going to ba away from home for an extended period to let my husband know that I am safe or on my way home. My daughter is able to do the same if she goes out with friends, she is not allowed to take it school at all. I do not give out our mobile numbers as they are for emergency and safety use only and if I am needed by anyone other that my partner and daughter I have a landline with an answering machine. I don't intend to be controlled by my mobile! Reply


Posted by: Tidge
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

Tidge says: Guess same old rules of late evening and early mornings should apply whether landline or mobile - but definitely in places providing enjoyment for other people they should be turned off! However, text is very useful and cost effective way to stay in touch without long conversation. Good safety factor when away from home as well in time of needing contact due to any type of emergency. Reply


Posted by: roz
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

roz says: mobile phones are a wonderful invention - don't know how we got by without them. However, like alot of innovations or new technology they are open to abuse and misuse. I never noticed such a lack of manners until mobiles came along. I too have been out to dinner having a catchup with a friend i haven't seen for a while - and not only did she feel the need to have her mobile phone sitting beside the dinner plate, she insisted on 'having to take this call' and got up a couple of times to leave the restaurant, while i sat there, to talk on the phone - no there was no emergency just rudeness. I haven't seen this friend since! other annoyances, is the constant need people seem to have to reply instantly to SMS while socialising. It is just a phone, and should be used as one - like landlines used to be used. manners and ettiquette need to catch up. We used to get taught as children to say thankyou and please, excuse me etc. perhaps lessons now need to include mobile manners. Reply


Posted by: XL
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

XL says: I believe that in this day and age, it is never to late to call. If people do not want to be contacted , turn your phone onto silent if you must know who has called, activate voicemail and divert calls through there or turn your phone off if you do no want to be disturbed. I also thin that text messaging is a waste of time unless the relpy required is a simple one or two word answer. Otherwise you are messaging back and forth when a simply phone call would have saved time and money. Reply


Posted by: Mark
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

Mark says: Mobiles are very handy, always in touch. But sometimes they are annoying. Like when one person on their phone feels the need to talk so loud that everyone can hear their conversation! One really annoying time was in exams at uni. The invigilator up the front got a phone call and sat there talking while we were doing an exam! Pretty damn rude! Reply


Posted by: Vicks
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

Vicks says: I think if a shop etc has a sign asking people to turn off their phones, DO IT!!!!!!!! It is called being polite, esp in a library. I cannot beleive how many people need to make or recive a call when they are in a library.

This can be sort of realted in with the suicide topic. I cannot remember where I heard it or read it but it was some great advice for parents. If you feel you have trouble communicating with your teen, text them, even if they are in their bedroom upstairs. Most teens are more likley to reply rather tahn open up by talking.

My biggest gripe about texting is when the person sending you a message formats every damn word into this bizarre 'text' language. Eg the word 'great' can be written as 'g8' you know how long it took me to work that out??????? I am 33 yrs old, myself as well as my friends all text people using correct grammar and English. That was it is easily read and understood by the receiver! Reply


Posted by: Ali
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

Ali says: Mobile phones are great, they come in handy (especially when you have a young family).
I think that it is incredibly rude to have your mobile on when you are at a restaurant, the movies or live shows. You can always excuse yourself and check your message bank and make a quiet call in the foyer! I never call anyone after 8.30pm, calls after then should be for emergencies only, nothing worse than getting startled by the phone when you have fallen asleep. Also I try not to call friends with children around dinner and bath time, this time of the night is busy enough! Reply


Posted by: cjcrane13
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

cjcrane13 says: I think that just common sense and manners apply- something that is severly lacking in todays society. If you are at an event, ie movies, theatre, dinner party, even the dr's TURN IT OFF. If you must leave it on for something urgent, ie babysitter etc, TURN IT TO SILENT. Dont make a big deal about it if it rings and leave quietly. If you are in a conversation with someone and it rings then ask them if it is ok if you take this call, dont just ignore them and answer. If you are on a bus, train etc, talk quietly or wait until you get off to have your conversation - no one else cares about what you did last night. NEVER ring anyone after 9pm unless you know them extremely well or it is an emergency. A text can wait until morning also. Mobiles are great for our fast, busy lives but are also the ultimate "rude" box! Reply


Posted by: jaffe
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

jaffe says: I think the "rules" mostly depend on the people you interact with. Personally one BIG no no is the inebriated text. Like emails, these can be far to easy to send off and cause major problems. And I have been on both ends of this situation. Otherwise, texts seem much less intrusive to me. They don't demand the immediate response of a call. Reply


Posted by: san
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

san says: I think people rely to much on their mobiles, and communication becomes just messages etc. rather than taking the time to actually interact with the person.
I have one and only use it mostly if I am holidays, otherwise it is in my bag. I do not send text messages as I think they are very impersonal and would rather hear a voice message or take a call.
If you are out somewhere at a restaurant, not necessary to receive and make calls. I have heard phones ring and calls taken at funerals and in church services.
If you work or volunteer for an emergency organisation you may need to have your phone on at all times but most phones have a vibrating/buzz sound that is not as intrusive as the normal ring, and this can be turned on when it is needed. Taking pictures is fun but as mentioned by another forum contributor, the pictures don't actually come out especially well when printed.
Cardross Reply


Posted by: yram
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

yram says: I love them, quick SMS to say I'm okay , life is so busy can't be bothered with small talk ! Rather get together for a cuppa than talk on phone ! SMS and Emails LOVE EM !!!!! Reply


Posted by: Hannie
Posted: 8th Jun 2007

Hannie says: Random txt's are a great way to stay in touch with people, gives the conversation you finally have with them when you do catch up with them something to go from. Reply


Posted by: Nellie
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

Nellie says: I have close friends who never answer txt messages, their view is, if someone really wants them they will call. Guess What - they don't pick up either, as a result all of our friends have stopped txting and calling! Reply


Posted by: happy
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

happy says: I always turn my mobile off 9.30pm as i don't want calls after that & respect that others may feel the same way Also would hate to be woken by "wrong number". If needing to use one in a public place or transport, move away from people & try to talk quietly, we all don/t want to know your business They are great for emergencies or when you need instant contact-------Cheers! Reply


Posted by: Ez
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

Ez says: Most of the time i would reply to wrong number text messages, there was this one occasion i got a message "Hey have a guess what " i didn't reply straight away, i didnt even check my phone, untill the next one came. i finally got around to reading them! ............... the second message was bragging about what some person got up to he night before with his date, as i was replying i think you have the wrong number a video file came through and it was a video of the night before, i ended up sending you have the wrong number, and i thought better of it i'll call him, ended up spreaking to this person and he appologised many times, it turned out that the other person had got a new phone and very similar number. Reply


Posted by: flee1987
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

flee1987 says: i just delete them straight away aslthough i have recived a few good jokes Reply


Posted by: Hannie
Posted: 8th Jun 2007

Hannie says: ALWAYS reply to a txt that wasn't meant for you! How else are they suppose to know it didn't get to the person intended? Easy mistake I think~ Reply


Posted by: happy
Posted: 10th Jul 2007

happy says: Hi Peter,

Depending on the content of email, i would return text letting them know they have a wrong number

Cheers Reply


Posted by: loz2233
Posted: 28th Aug 2007

loz2233 says: i always try to practice mobile phone etiquette but sometimes i forget or am unaware of the rudeness of my mobile phone. for example today when my phone rang in the library as i had forgotten to put it on silent. i quickly rejected the call rather than answer it as i had already disturbed enough people. as mentioned earlier, i work in a cafe and i hate it when someone begins to tell me their order in between talking to someone else on their phone. surely their friend could wait, or i could make more use serving someone else until they are finished.
i also leave my phone on all night as i hate to miss out on late night messages that some of my unconventional friends send me. admittedly i can fall asleep very easily though.


Posted by: Gill
Posted: 3rd Mar 2008

Gill says: I always txt back "wrong #" when I read the text. Of course if it was some idiot texting in the middle of the night, there's likely to be a few txts on my phone in the morning...and they usually wonder why you didn't txt back. Easy mistake, but often helped along by the user's imbibory habits! Reply


Posted by: zorba
Posted: 6th Jun 2008

zorba says: I dont get many but will not answer unless I recognise the callers number. Reply


Posted by: Cat
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

Cat says: It is the ultimate in rudeness when you are spending time with someone and they are constantly texting with someone else. It is inappropriate to text over and over when a quick call would do the job. There is nothning wrong with waiting to respond to a text. If the matter was pressing, the person would call and get a response straight away. I think texting is often used as a cop out way to avoid interacting with someone. So much less personal to flick a few texts back and forth than have a conversation. A criticism that may be said of email as well.
The too late to text rule is that same as the too late to phone rule. Reply


Posted by: kerryberry
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

kerryberry says: I think mobile phone usage can be very obtrusive, and people should respect that in some situations they shouldn't be used. For example, if you are visiting a friend whom you haven't seem for a is very rude to sit there texting someone else when you should be 'catching up'. One situation that has happened to me...I got a text from one of my friends who was organising her afternoon. She was with one of her other friends who was obviously busy later in the arvo, so she was making sure that she wouldn't be alone for the rest of the day. In the end I told her that I was busy and I don't know what she did with herself!!! But then in other situations they are great. My brother doesn't have a home phone, so we can only contact him on his mobile. So he has to expect texts at all hours if we need to get in contact with him (text only, cos it's more expensive to call). If you are on a date or something like that, then it is a definate no-no - people need to use their commonsense. Reply


Posted by: magicalmarilyn
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

magicalmarilyn says: I think mobile phones are great for emergencies. But I do find it annoying when I'm on a bus and someone takes (or makes a call) in a loud voice. I don't want to know their business. Reply


Posted by: Debbie
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

Debbie says: You should never, ever, ever, use a mobile phone when you are driving - it is just SO dangerous. Please turn them off when you're at the school play, or the real theatre, or the movies. And answering a mobile phone call when you're out to dinner with a group of people is also very rude - unless it's the babysitter! But the worst mobile phone crime has to be people who break off their relationships by texting. Total cowards. Reply


Posted by: nomad
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

nomad says: I would be lost without my mobile phone as it is the way I communicate with my partner when he is at work. I must admit I do use my phone while I'm driving the car but I do use a handsfree device though, so both hands are still free to drive the car properly. I always try not to ring anyone after about 9pm unless they have asked me to do so as I feel people need their rest also. I don't like getting phone calls late at night especially with ahving two young children so I try to show people I contact the same respect as I would except from them in return. Reply


Posted by: PJ
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

PJ says: I get really frustrated with friends who only contact me via text, and then expect me to engage in a marathon text conversation with them. it would be so much easier to make a phone call in the first place.
There is a time and place for text however, I often text my boyfriend when he is at work and he calls me back when he has some time to spare. This way I don't interupt his work, and when he does talk to me he is less likely to be distraced by work and focused on the conversation. If I need to speak to him urgently I call him and he knows it is urgent. This system really works for us.
I think the appropriate times for texting of calling depend on the person. i would never call my mum after 10pm, but she solves the problem of others doing this by simply turnong her phone off when she goes to bed. If it is an emergency the home phone is still there.
My boyfriend wokrs in IT and needs to be contactable 24/7 which is fine as long as a line is drawn about what is and isn't urgent and colleagues respect this. I really look forward to holidays when we are out of mobile range though, it is nice to get away from them occasionally! Reply


Posted by: channonangel
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

channonangel says: I go my first mobile phone when I used to play darts as the matches were at night and traveling alone in a car the mobile came in very handy when I broke down. I still use one but it is not the latest and is only used now when I travel from home to Uni which is a 2 hour drive there. Being a 60yr old grandma I am up with all the technological things like my pc's etc. Texting is good if you know the person will not be available to take a call. Well that's my little piece of info on the subject.
Cheers Reply


Posted by: amy
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

amy says: good for emergency. no no when attending a funeral, dining and attending live shows. some users are so rude talking loudly in the presence of strangers. Reply


Posted by: flee1987
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

flee1987 says: Mobiles are a good form of entertainment and thoses with the internet like 3 have some good or just plain useful links Reply


Posted by: evlspcmk
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

evlspcmk says: when its appropriate turn it on when inappropriate put it on silent or turn it off simple as that Reply

clow ee

Posted by: clow ee
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

clow ee says: I work in a medical practice and we are pressed for time most of the time. I think it is inappropiate to use amoblie while somone is giving you information. We have people who answer their phones, when are in the middle of giving them inportant information, inregards to post operative care. We also have people that wont turn their phones of even though we ask them to because they cause interference to our machinery. Maybe people need to treat their mobiles like a pe rson.If it is not good maners to speak to somone(phone), then it is not right to answer the phone (somone) Commonsence. maybe people need to use it a bit more often. Reply


Posted by: weens
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

weens says: I think mobiles are great they keep you in touch wherever you are.They are great if you have kids often the school has rang me on my moblile to tell me my son is sick and needs picked up. My son uses his if he is sleeping at a friends house to ring me if he needs to. But i do think there is a time and place for the use of them obviously dont use it a the movies! Also i dont like to answer it at dinner time and get angry when my husband dose as he is constantly on his phone.I think is is very rude to be on your phone when you are talking to some one else also it is a big insult to answer your phone when your being served by someone ie shop assistant and i think it is inappropriate to call or text after 9pm. Reply


Posted by: Jamie
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

Jamie says: you can use them pretty much anywhere now which i think is fine....except for those really loud people or you can here them talking very inappropriately Reply


Posted by: 4evabootiful
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

4evabootiful says: love them keeps me occupied on the train Reply


Posted by: codge
Posted: 21st Apr 2012

4evabootiful says: love them keeps me occupied on the train

codge says: try thinking Reply


Posted by: antz
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

antz says: I'm not a big mobile user. I really have it for emergencies or when i travel interstate. I don't like it when people use them in restaurants, cinemas, crowded transport etc. I don't particulary like hearing strangers conversations. I think it's rude when people are on their phones when they are being served eg: at the supermarket checkout, at a cafe. If my phone goes and i'm being served by someone i turn it off. Whether it's a mobile or regualr phone i think calling after 9pm is rude unless very important. In regards to texting, i wouldn't text anyone after 9pm in case they keep their phones on overnight. Reply


Posted by: Beva
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

Beva says: In crowded spaces when anyone is likely to be intruded upon by your call they are inappropriate. That includes buses, retauraunts, dates etc. If it distracts others then chances are it is inappropriate. Phones have 'silent' for a reason-If you can't be off the radar then discretley exit and take the call outside.
I think generally the same rules as conversation apply. Reply


Posted by: kaz
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

kaz says: Its inapproptaite to give really bad news in an sms
U shouldn't use the phone when talking to another person without asking them to excuse you first
Sms up to 10.30 call upto 9.30
Change the volume of the ring tone in certain situations. Put on vibrate when in meetings etc.
My phone is always on mainly to keep in contact for my kids but i vary the ring tone / volume to fit in to where i am


Posted by: crysall
Posted: 7th Jun 2007

crysall says: yeah mobiles are great, payphones are so last century! lol..though it's sometimes annoying when I'm in a lecture/tutorial in uni and someone's phone rings...arghh Reply


Posted by: totallychibi
Posted: 8th Jun 2007

totallychibi says: I use my mobile all the time. Home lines are just for ADSL now-a-days.

However, i would not call someone before 9am. I will sms, and leave it to them to call me back, ie. when they wake up. I will not call anyone after 9pm, unless its Friday or Saturday. Then about 1am. Again, I will sms instead.

I will silent my mobile in a meeting, movies and during dinner. I have messagebank and will get back to them when I can. If I miss them as well, then I will wait for them to get back to them. No incessant harrassment. If someone is constantly trying to get in touch instead of waiting, I will NOT call them back. They should have some patience and wait for me to respond instead of continuously hassling me.

Just leave a message or sms. There is no need to call a million times and then hang up for me to get clicks on my messagebank. Reply


Posted by: Hannie
Posted: 8th Jun 2007

Hannie says: I think calling is any waking time, so that's anytime between about 7am to midnight, but of course it depends on how well you know the person. If it is a business call then during business hours is best but to a friend just about any time is fine. Texts are stickly day light for me, unless its a partner or family member saying goodnight then only text when the sun is still shining. Reply


Posted by: Martino
Posted: 8th Jun 2007

Martino says: Mobile phones are great if they are used appropriately. Unless to friends you shouldn't really call anyone before 8am and by 930pm all calls should stop. Thats for work of course. But if you are calling friends you know each others boundaries and should respect that.

In regards to text, you should only text if you are letting people know the location of a place or a time to meet. I hate it when people try to organise things through 3 or 4 messages when 1 phone call would have been much better. I know some people who even send text messages when breaking bad news or breaking up with their g/f or b/f, that is not right.
thanks Reply


Posted by: shell
Posted: 8th Jun 2007

shell says: Mobile are very handy, however there has to be a limit on time when to call and SMS. Nothing after 9.00pm at night and not before 6.30am. Reply


Posted by: aarun
Posted: 8th Jun 2007

aarun says: Mobile phone ave become a very great part of our lives today. its helped with people in businesses, and others with work. it allows us to contact our chuildren when there out and are able to get reached by others when out of the house Reply


Posted by: Copp
Posted: 9th Jun 2007

Copp says: i believe calling past 9:30pm on a weekday is too late, and past 10:30pm on a weekend is too late also. As for messaging, i believe that you should be able to message your friends and family at any time, morning, day or night, because most people dont have a long message tone, and therefore if they are asleep then im sure it will not disrupt them. Because after all no one messages someone if it is extremely important, you always call.
As for phones and there usage, i strongly believe as many others do, that they are becoming more and more popular these days. I am 18 years of age, and when i was in year 8 i bought my first phone. These days i see kids in year 5 even with mobile phones already. Soon enough it will surely become apart of everyones life. They are a necessary to have for me right now, as i am barely ever contacted at home anymore by my friends, and sometimes even my employer. Reply


Posted by: Kate
Posted: 9th Jun 2007

Kate says: Phone etiquette is 9am -9pm; emergencies, families and close friends being the exception. During the day, I don't mind calls being taken if out to lunch etc however, not at dinner, unless it is an emergency. Reply

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 10th Jun 2007

says: It is so sad that phone etiquette now defines people. I think it is most disrespectful to answer a call, chat or sms while you're in a conversation with someone. A mobile phone should also not be on its loudest ring (there are silent and vibrating options for a reason) and answered at work, especially when 99% is for social reasons and all that's talked about is who's doing what in the next hour. There are people I know that use mobile phones during their work hours for chats or texts about the most frivolous of subjects, what's there to look forward to catching up with people when you see them in person? More gossip? Mobile phones should be for emergencies and at your service not you at their service. I find it acceptable for mobile calls to be made between 9am to 9pm and texts maybe till 11pm however have the respect and make it worthwhile. I also know people that send an SMS Happy Birthday and that's it, no more cards these days, no phone calls or visits, it's almost as if an sms is suffice. Not trying to sound bitter here, however it seems that mobiles have made more people lazier and loose a lot of common sense values and good old fashioned etiquette. Reply


Posted by: meg
Posted: 10th Jun 2007

meg says: Mobile phones should not be used in restaurants, waiting rooms, the cinema even on public transport if it means others have no choice but to listen to conversations - which are often meaningless anyway. Reply


Posted by: Jane
Posted: 11th Jun 2007

Jane says: We are relying on technology too much however, sometimes it's necessary.... there aren't any telephone boxes which people can use to call people. If you do find a telephone box, you have to have bought a special card, so no wonder people are relying on using their own mobile phones.

I think its unacceptable to call people after 9pm and the same for texting... people want to relax and unwind. There is nothing more annoying than your phone going off saying you've received a text, you can't relax, you have to get up to view it... it may be important someone texting you at that time..... more often than not, it isn't important ! What a nuisance. Reply


Posted by: smiley1
Posted: 13th Jul 2007

smiley1 says: If you know that the person always checks their messages that I think its ok for someone to send an important text but if your a really slack person like myself, I hardly ever check my messages and my friends know that so they just ring me instead of texting. If its really important anyway, they are most probably going to ring you back to find out more information. Reply


Posted by: Bec
Posted: 13th Jul 2007

Bec says: I think there's a type of scale for measuring this kind of situation.
If it's just to say hello, let someone know you're thinking of them, or to oragnise non-urgent or not-too-important details with friends, then a text is sufficient.
If a lengthy conversation is needed to oragnise something or just to chat, avoid long "text conversations" and just ring them. Or if it's to let your parents/family/spouse know when to pick you up/put dinner on/do something soon, phone.
If it's something that your career depends on or is talking to someone important (or if you need information from a company that is hard to get information from), face to face is best.
Bec Reply


Posted by: saraon
Posted: 11th Jun 2007

saraon says: The interesting thing about the issue of mobile phones is people often forget that technology has not outpaced manners, but rather with new technology coems a new culture, and seeing 'manners' are merely are construct of culture, a new culture will create new social rules.
Such is inevitable, but like with all change there will be members of the old culture who resist, often irrationally. A lot has been mentioned about people talking on mobiles while on public transport and such, but what is the apparent difference between conversing on a mobile, and conversing with someone next to you. With current technology the audio volume a person uses to talk on the phone is now the same as talking to someone near you. Reply


Posted by: squizzy
Posted: 26th Jun 2007

squizzy says: I feeel mobile phones are great for emergences, however over use of them can be embarrasing, mine has gone off in the public library much to my horror I was asked to leave, at another time I had forgotten to turn it off whilst waiting to see the doctor in his surgery, red faces all 'round. Reply

groucho wiggle

Posted by: groucho wiggle
Posted: 5th Jul 2007

groucho wiggle says: I work with mobile phones and love its possibilities. But you'll really see me beam when frequency blockers are introduced to cinemas, restaurants AND GYMS! Nothing worse than trying to relax with someone's hundred decibel one-way conversation washing over you (and let's face it, it's human nature to bellow when you cover one ear with a big flat piece of plastic whilst conversing) ... Let me sweat in peace people! Reply


Posted by: Jess
Posted: 11th Jul 2007

Jess says: i think that mobile phones are a smart idea. altough we may be taking it a little too far with all the new features available. and also there had been alot about the radar signals on the phone are causing many different problems. so i think we should question whether it is the cuase of the problem or not.



Posted by: Flickus
Posted: 11th Jul 2007

Flickus says: there are certain times during the day where a phone call should not be made or taken like while being served at a resturant its only polite to not talk on the phone while the waiter or waitress is trying to serve you. it is also common courtesy not to ring someone before a certain hour in the morning and after a certain hour at night. Mobile phones are used way too much these days by everyone not just teenagers or parents just everyone in general. you walk down the street and you are bound to find one or more people on the phone or sending a text message. people cant live in todays world without mobile phones its just one of them things that you just pick up as you walk out of the house or car its a habbit of today Reply


Posted by: ninny088
Posted: 11th Jul 2007

ninny088 says: I think in this day in age mobile phones are very important tools to stay in contact with others especially for people with familys. Granted there are public phones to use but with vandalism these days its almost impossible to find a working one...

As for when its too late to call someone, i think after 9pm is inconsiderate( unless of course there is an emergency), especially for shift workers and families. Unless you know that they are up later and dont mind calls at late hours. Txt messages are ok but you should still make sure that they are OK with you sending them at late times... Reply


Posted by: nina
Posted: 11th Jul 2007

nina says: I find it rude when people talk on the phone whilst they are being served by someone and it can be very anti-social if you're with someone and they make it uncomfortable by texting all the time. However SMS is great in some situations where you are in a noisy environment for example at a concert. Reply


Posted by: ShAmMi
Posted: 11th Jul 2007

ShAmMi says: well i went to a funeral once and someone kept getting messages and still didnt turn their phone off so that is when not to use but the most important reason for having a mobile phone is incase of an emergency that is when you need it the most Reply


Posted by: Nell
Posted: 11th Jul 2007

Nell says: i say if you are out with family that you have not seen in a while you should let the call to voice mail or if it is someone texting you check the message later or have your phone on silent Reply


Posted by: Misspolkadot4
Posted: 11th Jul 2007

Misspolkadot4 says: I think that 9pm is too late to call somebody because they are probably eating dinner, getting the kids ready for bed or maybe having family television time. I don't think there's an inappropraite time to stop texting people though. Unless you text them and they don't answer, don't keep texting them! You feel like you have to answer to every text message once one person has sent you more then 5 in 30 mins.
Mobile phones cost a fortune to use and purchase so why does everyone keep buying them? People get hit with $3000 bills and they keep their phones. I think that mobiles are a rip-off and an expensive one at that. But then again, I own one and I use it everyday! Reply


Posted by: jojo
Posted: 11th Jul 2007

jojo says: MOBILE PHONES

well i think we all agree that mobile phones can be annoying at times but they are real handy things, if ur in a sticky situation their there so you can call someone.

the 2 places where you should leave your phone at home are
THE CHURCH because it is just disrespectble ( anyy other place were you go to be with your god)
THE MOVIES you have to always cconsider the over people

it is too late to call someone wen they dont answer your text or if your eyes are half open

txtin can be done in all sityuations around but dont get upset if they dont answer the txt for they might not have enough money/credit to reply but callin is a matter that needs alot of work attended to it because these days people call at any time of day.



Posted by: penny
Posted: 11th Jul 2007

penny says: mobile phones are a necessetiy in life these days.

inappropiate to text:
never break up with somone via a text message. seriously, that needs to be done in person. and;
just texting just to say "hey". to me, thats a waste of time, energy and money!

what time is too late to call:
never! better than calling the homephone, at least the ringing sound wont wake up the whole house up



Posted by: Monny
Posted: 12th Jul 2007

Monny says: too late would be after say about 8.30 unless you have organiased with the other person
that it would be ok to ring them after that.
I think that you should only use your phone if you are going out and only for emergences people dont need to
drive back home if they have left it there because if worst comes to worst they can just use a pay phone.
people takes there mobile phones to seriously.


Posted by: GoLf_PuNk
Posted: 12th Jul 2007

GoLf_PuNk says: Mobile phones are a great idea but not so great at the same time.
They are helpfull when you need a lift home or need to get hold of someone asap but the downside is they can cost quite a bit to use and with texting it can get a bit tricky and upsetting for some people as it is hard to work out the tone that the message is being said in and then you get people texting you all the time just saying hi or hey, which is a complete waste of money and time! Reply


Posted by: paradisi
Posted: 12th Jul 2007

paradisi says: I got rid of my mobile phone in 1995. A waste of time, money and an unnecessary impost into my life.

The Israelis have a nifty system to stop restaurant diners and cinema goers from using mobile phones, they use a blocking device similar to that planned for Bush's visit later this year - the device blocks phone sugnals within a 100 square metre area.

Would be fantastic to see these introduced to restaurants, clubs, cinemas, buses and trains in Australia Reply


Posted by: kylie-coo
Posted: 12th Jul 2007

kylie-coo says: my thoughts on mobile phones are that they are a good idea but calling after like 8.30 on a school night gets me cranky caz that is the time that i am snugled up in bed and dont wanna get out to answer the phone.
and calling before 8.00 is very early for me.

when is the appropriate time to call some is not at tea time or when they are busey and inapropriate time is when they are at school or at work Reply


Posted by: x-empty-bliss-x
Posted: 12th Jul 2007

x-empty-bliss-x says: I don`t think it is ever wrong to use a mobile phone. Teachers tell us not to use them but then they are allowed to use them half way through class.

I think it`s too late to cal someone at 11pm unless you know they will be awake.

The only thing I have against mobiles is that they can be used to put people down. Reply


Posted by: Mel
Posted: 12th Jul 2007

Mel says: well..the pro's and cons of mobile phones are: pro- its handy for when your on the move and its easy just to txt someone instead of calling.. con- people often missinterperate the way a text message is said and can lead to bad feeling between two people. they read it how they want to hear it... but all round i think that they are a great way of keeping in touch :) its like too late to call i'd say after 10pm and not before 7am.. Cyaz xx mel xx Reply


Posted by: camie
Posted: 12th Jul 2007

camie says: i hate people that insist on talking on their mobiles on public transport for long conversations.....its okay if somebody calls and you have a two minute call to tell them something, but ppl who constantly talk from the time they get on till they get off and they feel the need to talk louder so everyone on the bus can hear there conversations! in Japan you get a fine if u talk on a mobile on a train...i think its a good idea :) Reply


Posted by: aly
Posted: 12th Jul 2007

aly says: Okay for one i don't think i'd be able to live without my mobile phone i meen it keeps me in touch with my friends and my family.

Alright so almost everyone these days has one and knows how to use one it's apart of our everyday life so mobile phones all around the world are gaining a higher usage everyday, even kids as young as 4-5 have a mobile phone these days.
You most definetly should not use your mobile phone to get you out of something like a family dinner or school becasue lately people have been using them to text them selves messages to get them out of a painful situation sure you can use them as a dinner table topic but not to get out of it.
And i don't think there is a "too late" when it comes to mobile phones it all depends on the age of the user and personal opinion about early calls or late calls.
signed alyx Reply


Posted by: Wild-Child1022
Posted: 13th Jul 2007

Wild-Child1022 says: My parents rule was that i wasn't allowed to get a mobile phone until i had a job and could pay for the phone and the credit myself. I think it really helped teach me how to handle money carefully. I was 14 at the time, am now 17 and have had 3 phones in that time, all of which i have paid for entirely myself. However i have a cousin who is 11 now, yet got given her first mobile phone at 8years old. She has since had many phones none of which she has paid for, i find this to be inappropriate as she doesn't actullay need the mobile phone. She doesn't need a lift from work, she doesn't need it for school ect... I think there should be an age limit on who can own a mobile phone unless it is absolutely necessary. Reply


Posted by: RosiePosie
Posted: 15th Jul 2007

RosiePosie says: It's ridiculous nowadays because some people use multiple phones on separate networks!

Cellphones are great for keeping in contact with friends but can be expensive to run. They are handy to have in emergencies though. Reply


Posted by: rachael2307
Posted: 16th Jul 2007

rachael2307 says: Really i think that they are both good and bad. They are good because of emergencies but they can still interupt someone in a test. Reply


Posted by: Cai
Posted: 16th Jul 2007

Cai says: Some people say that mobile phones are just another way that companies make money.
I say NO.
I have found myself in a few situations where a mobile phone is the only form of communication I have in order to get home or be picked up. When in these situations without credit I have no choice but to borrow someone else's mobile phone to make a call, prank or send a message.

Cai Reply


Posted by: Hails
Posted: 17th Jul 2007

Hails says: These days most people recieve/make phone calls anytime of the day, same as text messages are recieved anytime of the day. Don't call people to late or don't send text messages really late. What gets annoying is when everyone is in bed and it's late at night then your phone goes off because someone has sent you a text message or they are calling you. Most people know that if it's late a night don't send a text message or make a phone call. Most people mainly use their mobiles to make/recieve calls/text messages or for the internet. Reply


Posted by: lalikitty
Posted: 18th Jul 2007

lalikitty says: Well personally I thinkthe only way to go when owning a mobile phone is to go pre-paid because it is so easy to keep calling and calling people when you have no limits, but if you start to realise that you are always recharging on a pre paid phone then you will be more aware and obviously cut down on the money you spend on calling and texting. That is one reason why I think it is stupid that you see shows on A Current Affair and Today Tonight showing the teen being a victum of massive phone bills and the parents having to pay up the money when it was the parents fault in the first place for buying their child a phone that is on a plan. How do you expect a child to know the value of a dollar if you give them a limitless phone and then get them out of thousands of dollars worth of phone bills at the end of every month.

There are obvious times when a phone should ot be on or at the least on silent, places like movies, theatres, shows, doctors appointments, interviews and of course at dinner time, however more and more we see people texting and putting there phones on silent which i think is pointless because it still interferes with theses places or times just in a more discreet way.

On the subjct of what time to call people, it all depends on who your calling, why your calling, and what state the caller is in, for example it would be highly innapropriate to call your grandma at 3 in the morning when your off you face drunk.... I think you get my point. Reply

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 1st Aug 2007

says: I think today with mobile phones and email it is really hard to seperate your leisure time from your work time. It is almost always possible to contact someone at anytime, or be contacted and as much as we seem to hate it we also hate the idea of missing an important phone call or having dozens of unread emails.
The only time I feel really relaxed these days is when I go to my property up the coast where there is no internet and no mobile reception, only a house phone line. I don't constantly worry about where my phone is or who is trying to contact me and I

But with mobile phones being such an everyday item it seems people have forgotten their manners. Phones ringing in movies, the theatre, out at dinner, is a disruption, and walking away from friends and family all the time to talk on the phone is just rude.

I think we need to stop spending so much time concentrating on the people on the phone or internet and enjoy the time we spend with people face to face.


Posted by: sunshine
Posted: 2nd Aug 2007

sunshine says: Ok I think the calling times sould be the same as calling times on home phones.
I work in the movies and I really find it annoying that people have ring tones that go for half an hour. I dont mind If your that blind you cant see the signs to turn them off when you getin but if you do forget please just a siple beep is fine not some techno song that goes for 2 minutes. Dont yous them on the toilet, except if your in a night club cause there the only place you can get peace and quiete. Reply

Fi Fi

Posted by: Fi Fi
Posted: 8th Aug 2007

Fi Fi says: i have been brought up to know that 8.30 pm is too late to ring someone! i think it is innaproapriate to use phones when filming a fight, verble or physical, also when photos are unwanted to be taken! other wise i think that they are nearly always approapriate to use. Reply


Posted by: ben
Posted: 13th Aug 2007

ben says: mobile phones should not be used when there is family or personal time. The current lifestyle we live is far too electronic and the person to person contact we endure is getting less and less, as our lifestyles get busier. Reply


Posted by: ben
Posted: 13th Aug 2007

ben says: mobile phones should not be used when there is family or personal time. The current lifestyle we live is far too electronic and the person to person contact we endure is getting less and less, as our lifestyles get busier. Reply


Posted by: geloba
Posted: 14th Aug 2007

geloba says: Mobile phones are the rudest invention ever. They are great for emergencies, but that is where it stops. It should be a law that phones are turned off once the phone holder enters a publicly used building. Reply


Posted by: Renee
Posted: 15th Aug 2007

Renee says: I think anytime after 9.30-10 is too late to call.

I am a firm believer in not taking calls when you are out to dinner with someone, well actually I think it is very inappropriate to take calls or text at the dinner table period, some of my friends do it and it drives me up the wall.

Some people (the younger generation) have become so use to texting people that they get anxiety when they have to actually talk to someone one the phone, I think this could be a real problem in the future especially when we have kids living out their social lives through Myspace and text messaging and not having any physical social interaction.


Posted by: yozkoh
Posted: 16th Aug 2007

yozkoh says: Well, I myself don't really mind people sms me during midnight or so... as i turn on my phone 24hrs aday just in case i miss out some important message. But one thing for sure i am not enjoying is that people calling me in the midnight (sms is ok or unless there is a good reason) & PLEASE switch the phone into silent mode while watching movie in cinema (now thats really irritate me). I think its all depends on the phone user them self. If one really don't wish to answer any phone call or being distracted just switch off the phone or put it to silence mode (non vibrate)...& it will be all good..and if you do not feel good about switching the phone off that means you are ready to be distracted or receiving any calls. Reply


Posted by: Andre
Posted: 30th Aug 2007

Andre says: I am a sales rep and my life completely revolves around mobile phones. What worries me the most is all the dangers and health problems that seem to be coming out that they are causing. If i had a choice, i would not choose to have one. I now cannot go anywhere whether it be during work hours or on weekends without one. And the pricing of phone calls these days is off the planet! It is ridiculous! Reply


Posted by: tasha
Posted: 21st Sep 2007

tasha says: I have gone out without my mobile and it was not the end of the world. I t does annoy me when people leave their mobiles on loud in the cinema and then talk!!!!I only need my mobile phone as a point of emergency contact for my kids at school as i am a full time student and we never get calls personally. Reply


Posted by: amy_michelle
Posted: 3rd Oct 2007

amy_michelle says: I am 18 and I couldn't live without my mobile. The only time it is off is when i am in exams or at church. It is silent when on a date or with a counsellor or at school and on at all other times. I use it to communicate with all my friends and family, as an alarm clock, as a diary, for a calculator, as an address book and a camera.
I feel 10 or later is too late to call or text someone unless you know they will be up or expecting your call, 9 or earlier is too early to call or text someone unless you know they are awake or expecting your call. It is inappropriate to break up or ask someone out via text. It is also inappropriate to let someone aware of a death, calling is fine in nearly every circumstance, unless you may offend the person. Reply


Posted by: Snake
Posted: 4th Oct 2007

Snake says: I have had a mobile phone for about 5 years and have probably only made half a dozen calls, While I can understand the importance of mobile phones in business, such as a tradesman or real estate agent and many other services, what I can't get my head around is the number of calls made, mainly by kids, for purely inconsequential reasons (to me anyway!) When I go out, I automatically put my phone on my pocket, but hardly ever have a reason to use it. It is mainly for emergency use. What people must pay for making all these calls must be astronomical...........Perhaps that is one of the reasons we have so many complaints about the cost of living Reply


Posted by: bugsey
Posted: 9th Nov 2007

bugsey says: I work in retail and find it very rude of people who walk to the counter, throw their goods at you and continue to talk on the mobile expecting you know exactly what they want. I tend to ignore these people and have on occasions asked the people behind them to come forward so I can serve them before the rude mobile phone user. Reply


Posted by: miss_princess_tiffany
Posted: 14th Dec 2007

miss_princess_tiffany says: love text messaging, dont really like talking unless is someone i have heaps to say to. texts are simple, quick and easy and you can get your point across or answer a simple question. i hate people who call on private numbers and never leave a voice mail message, i never answer private phone calls, so those people will always remain a mystery to me! Reply


Posted by: ral
Posted: 15th Dec 2007

ral says: With a child in hospital, my phone never leaves my person. I feel guilty not being able to be at the hospital 24/7, but the phone relieves some of that guilt. As I am always half expecting a call, the phone is never on silent. However, I don't always accept the calls if I am in a social or work situation where my attention is requested or required.

I do send broadcast messages to family and close friends on the progress of my child. It would be nicer to phone and talk to all these people, but right now I don't have the time or $$$ for that. My family and friends understand that and are happy for any means of communication, particularly the ones without constant access to email (yes - they do exist)

Before I had a child in hospital, meals times was a "no phone zone". My phone would live in my bag and if it rang whilst I was driving, I'd check my message bank when I got to my destination. Reply


Posted by: ash
Posted: 8th Jan 2008

ash says: I dont have a problem with people calling at whatever time in the night or anything.
The only problem I have with mobile phones is how rude some poeple can be. Some of my friends and my very own mother are constantly on their phones, it really annoys me when you can't even have a propper conversation with them because they are constatnly texting someone. I find it even more rediculous when they are talking to someone they are going to see later in the day.
My best friend texts her boyfriend every second of the day, i see her less these days but when I do see her, she can't even cut down her usage for about an hour so we can have a chat.
Personally I find a real life conversation much more interesting. Reply


Posted by: denise
Posted: 14th Jan 2008

denise says: i think its inappropriate to use phones at places like the movies or when you are having dinner with someone and i really find it annoying when i cook dinner and my husband when he comes home hes mobile rings and he talks on the mobile for an hour and his dinner i put effort in is cold Reply


Posted by: bj
Posted: 27th Jan 2008

bj says: HI, A lot of people walk the shopping isles with mobile at ear, seems a waste of time/cost. Kids do text far tooo much the servers are the only winners. I looked hard to find basic as battery lasts longer, Nokia was my choice. Too late to text or call after 9.00 night unless Very important. Keep the phone out of the LOO as some teens even text there.. Reply


Posted by: sophiejane89
Posted: 31st Jan 2008

sophiejane89 says: I don't think it is ever inappropriate to text someone, but a phone call has many boundaries. Like early morning, say before 7.30, during working hours 9-5, unless it's a business issue, then after maybe 9. I hardly ever ring, I usually text and have them ring me back when it's suitable for them. Reply


Posted by: aaronhc
Posted: 2nd Feb 2008

aaronhc says: I am not sure but have you noticed the huge move to Blackberrys now in Australia - i spent alot of time in the states and they are as common there but i have to say WOW - good move into the Aussie market Reply


Posted by: rubbish
Posted: 4th Feb 2008

rubbish says: whilst they are essential in an emergency situation , they become a nusiance when used in inappropriates places , young people these days do not seem to be able to cope with everyday life without them , in addition they can cause problems for parents when their use gets out of hand , I feel young people who do not earn a wage /salary should be made to use a prepaid phone so that large bills do not accumulate, HOW DID THE OLDER GENERATION SURVIVE IN THE PAST WITHOUT ?????. Reply


Posted by: cavalier
Posted: 4th Feb 2008

cavalier says: I think they are the best idea my 3 children aged15.15 & 9 all have mobiles, least I know I can allways contact them & they can contact me. Reply


Posted by: Koringanal
Posted: 9th Feb 2008

Koringanal says: I think the mobile phone should NOT be used like your home phone. I believe it is for emergencies only, or perhaps buisiness calls. The most definately should not be turned on in picture theatres, restraunts and the like. If on the street, like driving, people should pull over and get out of the way of other pedestrians. It appears most people cannot talk ont a phone and walk at the same time Reply

The Governor

Posted by: The Governor
Posted: 26th Feb 2008

The Governor says: I think that regular common courtesy should apply to mobile phones. I was brought up that you never call someone before 9am & after 9pm unless it is family or it is an emergency. If you know that the person you are calling is a nightowl then feel free to ring them at 11pm but if you are not sure if they will be awake then it is probably best to not call.

My mother does this to us all the time & regardless of how many times I say to her "please don't ring after 9pm unless it is urgent as one or all of us are sleeping" she doesn't listen & it is very hard to ignore a ringing phone when you are drifting off to sleep!

If I need to talk to someone & it is late at night then I usually send them a text - that way they have the choice to respond at that time or ignore the message until the morning - I have found that this works with all of my friends & family. Reply


Posted by: Lill
Posted: 29th Feb 2008

Lill says: Mobile phones for my daughter and self are a must. Once we had established the routines and boundaries like charging the phone, using a $10 text per month, and that the phone is not to be used after 9pm and that includes letting the friends know, that we are not going to buy the latest phone with all the bells and whistles even if all the friends have them, and just a general routine of using it which includes the language we use- now we seem to have settled down into an acceptable way of using the phone that benefits both of us and is just part of daily life.
Linda Reply


Posted by: Michelle
Posted: 29th Feb 2008

Michelle says: Mobile phones are a wonderful communication tool with my children and certainly save on the cost of phone calls from afar when it's just to relay a brief message. It is also a useful means for contacting staff when you need a quick reply.

There is a certain courtesy level that should be adhered to with no mobile being on (audible) in public situations where your attention to the situation in hand is compromised unnecessarily. Definitely no calls after 9pm unless the person is well known to you and later is acceptable with them to call. Also no texting as a lot of people leave their phones on at night and i believe the intrusion is not acceptable. If you couldn't call at a given time - don't text! Reply


Posted by: Moki
Posted: 2nd Mar 2008

Moki says: I believe that although to many they are the best thing out, that in real life they are a very big 'time waster'. I have one only for emergencies, such as when I am travelling long distances by myself in the car. My daughter and other younger people seem to be 'controlled' by them sometimes with demanding text messages every few minutes. I guess that you could learn to live with this sort of demand, but think about -what did we do before their invention? We coped we survived and we had more time to do the things we really wanted to do. How much time does it take up of your life? Keep a diary of every call you make and the time it takes to respond or otherwise. How much time do you 'waste'? Reply


Posted by: Moki
Posted: 2nd Mar 2008

Moki says: I believe that although to many they are the best thing out, that in real life they are a very big 'time waster'. I have one only for emergencies, such as when I am travelling long distances by myself in the car. My daughter and other younger people seem to be 'controlled' by them sometimes with demanding text messages every few minutes. I guess that you could learn to live with this sort of demand, but think about -what did we do before their invention? We coped we survived and we had more time to do the things we really wanted to do. How much time does it take up of your life? Keep a diary of every call you make and the time it takes to respond or otherwise. How much time do you 'waste'? Reply


Posted by: heidi
Posted: 3rd Mar 2008

heidi says: Mobile phones are now a fact of life. I like being able to contact my child wherever he is especially if plans need to be changed. I do think kids txt rubbish to each other but they used to talk rubbish to each other on the phone when we were younger anyway. My son's school has just introduced a rule where students are not allowed their cell phones at school and while it makes sense from a safety perspective, we have been used to having the phone at school for several years and now find it hard. Reply


Posted by: gloria44
Posted: 6th Mar 2008

gloria44 says: I feel that a mobile is necessary in the case of emergencies, for example car break down, reporting an accident etc. I get annoyed when people are constantly on their mobiles on public transport and everyone can hear everything that is said. Some people, I feel, use them as a status symbol. Reply


Posted by: robaruning
Posted: 9th Mar 2008

robaruning says: I would never go anywhere without my phone. In addition, I am always excited by the next version / model, every time.
And yes, I have doubled back home to collect my wee shiny gem...

Ok, here is the short version.

Never use your phone:
Weddings (in the quiet bits)
Concerts (you can never hear anyway)
Job interviews

You can put it on vibrate, read it later or check your answer service when you are free/safe.

Always ok to text or call, because the phones owner should have put it on silent or turned it off!

Enjoy your phone; it is already an important facet of everyday life... Just ask, "Who does not have one?" Reply


Posted by: Tahlz
Posted: 25th Mar 2008

Tahlz says: Mobile phones are good and bad.
good because they are NEARLY essential to everyone as they are a big impact on us because mobiles are apart of new technology. It is a social way to communicate with friends and family.

Bad because they are used also to harm people and hurt peoples feelings. Rude messages, prank calls etc. it can be really annoying when that happens.

A time thats is inappropriate to call or text is dinner time. -really frustrating.
A good time is late moring till late afternoon.

Thats what i think.
cheers! =] Reply


Posted by: Trushka
Posted: 4th Apr 2008

Trushka says: Mobiles are great for some situations; if you are unexpectedly delayed; your car breaks down; there is an emergency or an accident; power failure etc. These are the only times when I use my mobile - and I am surviving very well, financially and otherwise, without a mobile permanently in my hand. Mobiles should not be answered if you are with someone - in a cafe or in conversation - it signals that the 'next' person is more interesing, more important than the one you are with; on public transport - a brief message is ok, but other passengers should not have to listen to prolonged one-sided conversations; in supermarket aisles and in shops - do we really have to let others know that: 'I am in the aisle at the supermarket'! Reply


Posted by: matt
Posted: 15th Apr 2008

matt says: I hate it when someone will send you a text you reply then they reply and this keeps hapening and before you know it together you have sent about 20 texts . If you got that much to talk about just ring it will be cheaper in the long run . Reply


Posted by: Shungo
Posted: 4th Jun 2008

Shungo says: I often wonder what all the people who seem to have a Mobile Phone stuck on the ear have to talk about. What conversation do they have when they eventually come Face to face with one another. I agree that the Mobile Phone is usefull But I think that most people( NOT ALL ) overuse the Phone
I have experienced people actually using the phone to tex one another at a Table with a group to one another as they sit in a Resturant
I also think that quite a few people have No Manners when it come to using a Mobile. I have had a person standing behind me in a queu at a check out , Loudly talking in his phone, he was so loud I had to ask him to either speak lower in the phone and/or go away to talk on the phone Reply


Posted by: sylv
Posted: 4th Jun 2008



Posted by: Cliffy
Posted: 4th Jun 2008

Cliffy says: Perhaps it's time we made some hard and fast rules of mobile phone etiquette! I have heard a phone ring (and be answered) at a funeral, in movies and is there anything worse than trying to have a quiet meal/drink/coffee and hearing someone close to you sharing their lives loudly on their mobiles? Some people speak so loudly they don't actually need the phones, they could easily be heard without them!
Please, spare me from the people, mostly female, who share intimacies on their mobiles for anyone within cooee to hear, sometimes they say things that I'm sure they wouldn't normally say in a face to face situation. Having said all that, I am female and never go anywhere without my mobile, but let's all try to have some respect for others when speaking. Reply


Posted by: Sonny
Posted: 25th Jun 2008

Sonny says: I can't beleive how many people, even up here in regional Victoria, that walk around or drive around talking to someone on their mobiles. I annoys me for some reason! I have a mobile phone which I have for important moments. The biggest problem that I have encountered is that when I need the phone I can't get any reception! Once was when I fell down a mine shaft. I suppose I shouldn't really expect the phone to work then. I'll have to wait for the affordable satellite hookup. It did come in handy once I managed to work my way out, as I needed a long ladder to retrieve my dog who was still down at the bottom of the shaft!
On another occasion I nearly stood on a brown snake. I got my phone out to see if I could get any service - nope! Another inch or two and some bad luck it could have been all over for me, but I suppose without the phone I'd be in the same situation!
I basically have a mobile phone for emergencies but I wouldn't mind having one that could always get service. Reply


Posted by: ned
Posted: 11th Jul 2008

ned says: why is it mobiles have become an extension of peoples arms. They cant help themselves but use them 24/7. I work in the retail trade and i dont know how many people come to the counter talking on their phone and expect to be served we are not mind readers but we are expected to know what they want while their talking, not only that they are the first to complain when your not fast enough but forget they are holding up other people while they are talking about nothing half the time. i refuse to serve anyone on a phone till they hang u[.
surley things arent that important that they cant wait 10 minutes to take a call. isnt this why we have message bank Reply


Posted by: Wednesday
Posted: 12th Jul 2008

Wednesday says: i find it very rude talking on the phone when you should be greeting someone. for example boarding a bus or going through a supermarket checkout.If you know peoples personal sleeping patterns and household routines then you can fit in a time to ring them within there routine but if you dont know them very well then i think 830 is late enough. seasons also play a part in choosing a appropriate time. never text someone if your angry or when you can have what you write used against you THE WRITTEN WORD IS WITH US FOREVER Reply


Posted by: Michael_M9
Posted: 26th Sep 2008

Michael_M9 says: what would we do without them Reply


Posted by: gothic13
Posted: 26th Sep 2008

gothic13 says: well obviously they shouldn't be used while driving or in hospitals however there seems to bee a lot of people using them when driving. in cinemas they should turn them off or if they prefer them on turn them to silent mode but however they shouldn't make phone calls during the movie.

gothic Reply


Posted by: jodesta007
Posted: 29th Sep 2008

jodesta007 says: I think mobile phones are important to us, they've saved us in the most needy of times. Yet somehow people become obsessed with them and continually overuse them. Mobile phone companies must make BILLIONS a year from people!


Posted by: Esther
Posted: 1st Oct 2008

Esther says: I'm with my phone practically 24/7
I'd feel so lost without it!

probably not doing much good for my brain =.=!! Reply


Posted by: kezza
Posted: 1st Oct 2008

kezza says: I have a mobile phone for convienience. I had a hip replacement 1 year ago I have to have a phone just incase I trip or fall so I can call an ambulance to come and get me. I also do not call anyone after 8.30pm at night I think it is totally rude to call after that time Reply


Posted by: Jack
Posted: 1st Oct 2008

Jack says: I love my Mobi, it's with me all the time day in day out. I have young adult children, so it's imperative I have my mobile on me 24-7.
I will answer it any time of the day if it's, an sms or call. The only time I put it on silent is at Tai Chi cl***es or if I have a meeting where I am discussing personal matters. As I am self employed I can answer my phone at work during the day no problems.
I will not sms or call a client after 8.00pm. I do not call clients any earlier than 7.00am. The best way for me to interact with a client is via sms, that way they can reply at a time that suits them. Reply


Posted by: Goulah
Posted: 16th Oct 2008

Goulah says: Strangely enough I like my mobile phone because I am hard of hearing. I had not realised how bad I was until the beginning of this year and I got hearing aids and can now hear sounds I had not heard since I was a kid - but it is still rather hard to hear a mobile. For this reason I think that SMS notes are the greatest thing since sliced bread although they can be a bit costly.

It does surprise me though how many people enjoy sharing with others in a tram or train carriage their s e x ual habbits, disease of the month or how much they hate their parents/brothers/sisters and/or teachers.



Posted by: elle
Posted: 21st Oct 2008

elle says: well mobile phones always problems, wrong sms, bad reception. Reply


Posted by: penny
Posted: 12th Nov 2008

penny says: Mobile phones, although they can be so annoying at time (when your sleeping and your phone goes off.. or when your just so tired you dont want to speak to anybody, people can reach you on your mobile at all hours) i think they they do more good than bad.

take for example the tv show Seinfeld, most of the those dramas are a result of miscommunication, and if they just had a mobile they could get in contact with eachother

so yeah.. i find mobiles especially useful when your meeting up with friends or in strange places Reply


Posted by: gigle
Posted: 12th Nov 2008

gigle says: Perhaps using your mobile phone having a loud conversation or a broken conversation due to a bad connection can be annoying in confined areas such as on the bus or in a restaurant.
Personally I love the texting any time any where for all my grandchildren to stay in touch! Reply


Posted by: kezza
Posted: 7th Dec 2009

kezza says: I am sort of used to mobiles now, even though few people had land lines, in my day ha!. I would probably be lost without my trusty pocket friend.The one thing that really gets on my nerve is when young people cant seem to put them down for family time or socially or even at the movies. Im not talking about the obvious times, when its totally not appropriate, like while driving or something. ( I mean der- you can kill youself or someone else, if you use your phone while driving. ) Im talking about this generation not being able to sit and talk, listen, even just take a moment, without needing this constant stimulation, or barrage of info, and assault to the senses. I really think its sad that those quite moments, or the wonder of what nature has to offer, no longer fit into the beeping, buzzing, ringing,social networking, and photo shopping world of our next generation. I mean we used to get bored-sure. But when we came upon a song we liked, or something that we were really into, we didnt have that instant access and instant gratification that is normal now. We had to order it,or wait for it- go and purchase it, and that was all after we saved up to pay for it.. It did mean a long wait sometimes, bit when we finally got it. . . .Bliss. . . . .exciting........and more important to us for the trials and difficulties in obtaining it. Ah- got to go. T.V. alarm is going off, and my show is on! Reply


Posted by: gailo
Posted: 7th Dec 2009

gailo says: I hardly carry mine with me anymore, afterall why should I feel obliged to be contactable? I hate it when people answer mobiles when they are in meetings.


Posted by: mrsunicorn
Posted: 28th Jan 2010

mrsunicorn says: Pepole who use Mobile Phones need to learn that they do not have to talk loudly, the whole world do not need to hear their promblems or what they did last night. Reply

pete 9

Posted by: pete 9
Posted: 29th Jan 2010

pete 9 says: The amazing world of the mobile phone. Well we have come a long way in learning the art of communicating correctly, politely and sensibly.
Of course their will always be those who abuse the use of a mobile and intrude on others. As spoken about, calling or texting in wrong hours of the day and night.
They are useful for protection and they can be used against others, all depends on the user and the're own manners and discretion.

I was astonsihed that my 80 yr old father was determined to learn how to use one, and now feels safe when he has it with him. Not to mention I am certain we all love to send a message with I love you, which just reinforces the naturing of communication to our loved ones.

If you think about it, an osbessive type person, will use them in a particular manner. They are a bridging gap which I think has been missing since the times of messages being sent by telegram and even before that the horseback riders.
The world has come a long way.
Mobile phones and manners go hand in hand. Reply


Posted by: nessa7980
Posted: 29th Apr 2010

nessa7980 says: I have nothing against mobile phones or using them when needed my only problem is I find it annoying when poeple come to visit you and then spend the whole time on their phone. What was the point in visiting apart from wasting my time. I also find in annoying when someone is being served in a shop the line is getting bigger and bigger and you are kept waiting because they are on their phone this is just rude. I don't mind getting phone calls up till 9.30pm anyhting after this better be an emergency. Txt's don't worry my as I choose when or if to reply but if your going to say something that is lenghty or complicated then it would be better to ring and not so time consuming. Reply


Posted by: Deeva
Posted: 13th Jul 2010

Deeva says: we are obsessed with our mobile phones, my son is pushing to get one and he's 9. My solution to late night texting etc is that once I go to bed I switch my phone off. It has voicemail and the text message will be there in the morning. Reply


Posted by: mine
Posted: 30th Nov 2010

mine says: l only use my mobile briefly to call people during the hours 8am till 8pm l try not to call anyone from 5pm till 6.30pm as that is usually tea time for most people l dont like getting calls after 8.30pm unless its urgent l believe people have the right to down time the same applies to texting people and all of this applies to my friends and family as well thanx Reply


Posted by: fobbletops
Posted: 30th Nov 2010

fobbletops says: I think mobile phones are a wonderful security communication device. However I believe it is used in society with little or no manners causing loud intrusions into many peoples thoughts and quite time, dinners and get together. People should excuse themselves and move away to talk on them. Reply


Posted by: katie_jane
Posted: 21st Dec 2010

katie_jane says: I think in this day and age they are most certainly a necessity, however I think, like everything, there should be a limit.
I think being contacted by your employer outside of work hours, or clients outside of work hours is outrageous. I am hesitant to give my personal mobile number out for this exact reason.
My partner has his own web business and at times receives calls from clients on weekends and at 9pm on week nights. With some particular clients he answers the phone, but tries to avoid it so to set some boundaries.
I commute almost 4 hours a day and the complete lack of etiquette when using mobile phones on the train astounds me. Keep your conversation brief and using hushed tones. The rest of the train are not your captive audience, nor could they care less. It's distracting and depending on the conversation, can also at times be a case of too much information.
Like anything, I just wish people would be a little less selfish and more courteous of others when using their mobile phones. Reply


Posted by: gnome
Posted: 16th Jun 2011

gnome says: Mobile phones have become a part of every ones lives as there are more phones than people in Australia, but we need to be courteous when using them. Don't talk on them when you drive or text while you drive, does that phone call mean more than your life or someone else's. Every female who is not in the company of an adult or partner should have one, but try and use them less and think about others when you use them. Reply


Posted by: codge
Posted: 21st Apr 2012

codge says: when a mobile phone user invades my comfort zone I start whistling....really loudly and really off-key. Gee they get annoyed but they never see the irony. Love it.
I think mobiles and land mines were the 2 worst inventions of the 20th century Reply

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