Any tips in travelling overseas ... asian & europe

Travel advise....and best experience

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Posted by: DLO
Posted: 4th Jun 2015

DLO says: Hello Beachhut,
While on a holiday in Scotland our family stayed at a Hotel very close to the main Bus Station in Glasgow, it was really well positioned and handy.

We were able to get a bus to most places accessible from Glasgow for a day trip.
The Bus fares were well priced. We visited Ayer, Stirling Edinburgh, from there.
You can travel to other towns such as Aberdeen also. And further afield, you can also get a bus to Straenraer, then the ferry across to Belfast, from this Bus Station.

Happy Travels! Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 16th Nov 2015

PGS says: Possibly a little late now, but be careful everywhere.

As for other tips, which countries/areas in particular? Reply

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