Favourite sweet & savoury foods?

What are you favourite sweet and/or savoury food?

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Posted by: Mattman
Posted: 27th Apr 2015

Mattman says: Personal favourites are White Chocolate and Butter Chicken. Not together of course. Reply


Posted by: toby10
Posted: 29th Apr 2015

toby10 says: I love chocolate and I love salt and vinegar chips Reply


Posted by: phoenix
Posted: 8th May 2015

phoenix says: well i suppose the all time fave sweet food would have to be the good old turkish delite chocolate bars & the savoury would most likely be a good paster dish Reply


Posted by: Alice_
Posted: 8th May 2015

Alice_ says: I love most sweet food. Especially if they are strawberry or green-tea flavoured. I tend to avoid chocolate-flavoured food. They don't go well with me.
My favourite savoury food would have to be steak. Especially if they are served with salad. Aside from that, it would be pasta. Reply


Posted by: flo
Posted: 13th May 2015

flo says: salted chocolate - covers both at once Reply


Posted by: sherie
Posted: 13th May 2015

sherie says: chocolate for sweets and definitely crackers with cheese bacon and onion dip for savoury Reply


Posted by: emilia
Posted: 14th May 2015

emilia says: I love anything with chocolate dark milk and white and for savoury I really like all the new different flavours of popcorn you can now buy preprapared. Reply


Posted by: Kuro
Posted: 20th May 2015

Kuro says: love dark chocolate and carrot Reply


Posted by: Kat
Posted: 10th Jul 2015

Kat says: Pasta and seafood. Reply

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