For some time now I have noticed that the manufacturers of confection products are resorting to very underhanded tactics to grab more of our monies. The first such trick I noticed was the mini Mars-bar which shrank in length by nearly one quarter but the wrapper stayed the same as did the price. The latest hoodwink comes from "THE NATURAL" Confectionery Company. The old packaging was 180g and normal cost was $2.85, the new pack is 240g and normal costs is $4.00. The simplest way to to explain the rip off is that previously 60g cost 95c and the same 60g now cost $1.00. I know that it is a very small difference but it is the deceit that bugs me.

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Posted by: Rabbits1
Posted: 24th Apr 2015

Rabbits1 says: Yep, its just about making more money and consumers getting less for their bucks... Reply


Posted by: Kimmie66
Posted: 29th Apr 2015

Kimmie66 says: YES! I have noticed Cadbury chocolate slabs went from 220g and are now 200g but the prices are still the same, or higher. I only notice because at work we have to change the ticket product description. Reply

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