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As we are all aware, family orientation has gone waywood and information technology has taken over. I totally agree with every opinion that has been stated.Don't ever forget your commen sense in approaching situations, children have "always" been a reflection of their parents and hence the responsibility at hand. It's comforting to see conviction/ethics emphasised! Thanks.

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Posted by: lacek
Posted: 25th Nov 2008

lacek says: Very True Reply


Posted by: mustang6000
Posted: 27th Nov 2008

lacek says: Very True

mustang6000 says: The biggest problem I think, is that Common Sense is not a very common commodity in our current society. Reply


Posted by: hutchoe
Posted: 27th Apr 2009

hutchoe says: I did an inservice today and learned a scary statistic - today's teenagers spend 27.4 hours a week in display-based activities - computer games, TV, DVDs, computers etc. And we wonder why we're the fattest country in the world. Reply


Posted by: mimoda
Posted: 21st Apr 2010

mimoda says: The way society is going parents are to busy working full time jobs and less time to spend with their chilldren outdoor Reply


Posted by: lpullman
Posted: 9th Dec 2010

lpullman says: It's ironic that you express this sentiment here on a web forum run by a market research agency.

I'm distinctly warey of the "family orientation" claim. Along with "family values" it's an extremely vague concept. From my experience it seems to cover the whole gamut from eating meals together to borderline fascism. They have become meaningless buzzwords, used only for pushing emotional buttons.

I find nothing to disagree with in your post, but on closer consideration I also find nothing in your statement except a single unsubstatiated assertion at the start. Reply


Posted by: livingzen
Posted: 12th Jan 2011

livingzen says: This topic seems so vague but I'm assuming there's an assumption that the "family" as we know it is going under and technology is a sinker added into the equation? In that case doing a little further research into the decline thesis might be of value. The "nuclear family" concept that is held so dear as the ideal was only invented in the 50's and only occurred due to various social changes that moved the family from a large unit including extended family and lodgers sharing housing to smaller immediate family dwellings. I think it's important to keep in mind not all the changes have been bad. Society now has a greater acceptance of alternative family types which means that there is more belonging and less biggotry. And technology has opened many doors such as greater access to information and the ability for cross-country family to communicate. Reply


Posted by: TsarinaFai
Posted: 3rd Aug 2011

TsarinaFai says: The problem these days is that we've become to rely on technology to entertain us. Kids don't even bother looking for another, more active, form of entertainment when their tv or gaming console is right there. It's a good idea to have a minimal number of gaming devices in the house or at least set restrictions on how long they can be on for, and of course encourage your kids to participate in some sort of sport. Reply


Posted by: amar93
Posted: 19th Jul 2012

amar93 says: simply no time nowadays Reply

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