Bali what are your hidden gems

tell me about the special places you have found, I have been there 25 times and every time I find something that excites me and brings me back

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Posted by: mojo1007
Posted: 2nd Oct 2013

mojo1007 says: I am heading to Bali next June for the first time...(can't wait), It is a girls two weeks away with my mum and two sister's. I am sure to have fun!!! Reply


Posted by: giznjack
Posted: 5th Jul 2015

giznjack says: Go inside the local hypermart, they have food courts within the aisles. The food is cooked fresh for the staff and customers. We had a delicious Nazi goreng and fruit tea for 10,000rp. It is authentic, not like restaurant food aimed at westerners. Reply

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