Australian and american should stop selling fast food the most an start selling healthy food to people cause people are getting diabeties at young and its because of fast food.

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Posted by: Patros
Posted: 14th Aug 2013

Patros says: I rarely eat fast foods - I know they are there but I have a mind of my own and the ability to make healthy decisions. Banning these foods is not necessary - people just have to learn to eat intelligently. It's like - would you jump off a cliff just because it was in front of you? Then why can't you avoid food that is bad for you? Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 22nd Aug 2013

says: I agree, instead of fast food drive thrus which is mostly what gets people,
try making healthy food drive throughs, like smoothies, yougurts, nuts, ect.

Will give people much more of a healthier option when driving home or to other places Reply


Posted by: doinggr8t
Posted: 25th Aug 2013

doinggr8t says: Fast food is only sold because people buy it. to solve any issue we all need to speak with our wallets. If it is a problem to our society then don't support it. Reply

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