Skim milk product is full of fat

Recently my friend kept complaining that she gained more weight and all she changed in her daily routines is drinking a skim milk that claims 99% fat free. And now i'm getting freaked out so I changed it to soya milk, but should I replace my yoghurt too? It is said 98%fat free and I put that in my effort to actually loose some pounds, not getting some more.

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Posted by: Patros
Posted: 14th Aug 2013

Patros says: Rubbish. She didn't gain weight from drinking skim milk, that is impossible. She is not being honest with you I'm afraid. I hope you realise that soy milk is no lower in fat than ordinary milk unless you buy a low-fat variety. Low fat or no-fat yoghurt is very good for people wanting to lose weight in a gradual and healthy way and is good for your digestion.
P.S. If you are drinking soy milk you must be aware that if you have any problems with your thyroid you must not consume soy products. If your thyroid is healthy it is safe to eat and drink soy. Reply

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