Anybody been to canada?

I would love to get some feedback and info on heading to Canada. Its been a childhood dream!! I would love to go to the Native American/Indian civilizations..anyone been? Would love to hear about it :)

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Big E

Posted by: Big E
Posted: 21st May 2013

Big E says: My wife and I went to Canada in June 2009. We flew into San Fransisco and drove up to Vancouver, From there we took the ferry to Victoria on Vancouver Island, to Whistler, Kamloops, Jasper, Banff & Calgary for the Stampede. We then headed south to Waterton and then cross back to the US into Montana then over to Yelloewstone back to Idaho and Nevada (Reno) then back to San Fransico. All up about 10,000 Km driving in 5 Weeks. My brother did the whole organised tour on the train and ship up to Alaska, but we decided to do our own thing and we found it absolutly fantastic. I had done a lot of studying on the internet before we left and worked out a rough itinerary wich was flexible. All throughout the Rockies in both Canada / USA their are out posts where their are great experiences to be had with the native American Indians. We did a few local guided tours with them and they were some of the highlights of the trip. Highlights in Canada for us were Waterton (on the border with Montana), Banff Whistler and Jasper. I would recommend Canada to anyone who wants to go. IT IS BRILLIANT !!! Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 16th Jun 2014

Big E says: My wife and I went to Canada in June 2009. We flew into San Fransisco and drove up to Vancouver, From there we took the ferry to Victoria on Vancouver Island, to Whistler, Kamloops, Jasper, Banff &...

says: sounds very interesting


Posted by: adb99
Posted: 21st May 2013

adb99 says: I have been to Canada many times for skiing & it is a fantastic place. I recommend the direct flight to Vancouver from Auckland as the quickest way to get there & it is a night time flight which makes adjusting to the time difference easier in my opinion. Haven't been to the Native Indian areas though. Reply


Posted by: nuclear
Posted: 21st May 2013

nuclear says: Hi Jani82

We did the Canada trip in May 2011, We flew from Brisbane to Vancouver and took the Rocky Mountaineer to Kamloops,Baniff, Lake Louise and the Athabasca Glacier. We then went to Jasper,Sun Peaks, Whistler and Victoria.

Winter had not completly gone and the snow peaks in the Rockies were wonderful.
Lake Louise was still frozen but the weather was good [no rain]
We saw Bears with their cubs on the side of the road and other wildlife as it should have been Spring.
The accomadation was first rate and the food was excellent.
We went on the Holland America cruise ship to Alaska and saw the carving of the ice at Glacier Bay.
The cruise was a welcome rest as we could fully unpack for the seven days.
We didn't do any First Nation tours but there were enough to fill in the trip.

I would highly recommend the trip to Canada and would go again if there wasn't so many other places to visit. Reply


Posted by: heda
Posted: 21st May 2013

heda says: Canada is a lovely place to visit. I flew to LA and then onto Calgary. I went to Banff,Lake Louise and Edmonton. Everyone is friendly and helpful. well worth the trip. Reply


Posted by: gtdeb
Posted: 21st May 2013

gtdeb says: hi, my sister went there and thought is was super then my niece went there for her honeymoon a few years ago. Reply


Posted by: Cyclops
Posted: 21st May 2013

Cyclops says: We drove across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto and Montreal. We did all the usual stops Jasper, Whistler (in summer), Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary (for the stampede. I'm not a cowboy at all. I'm a real city slicker but the Calgary Stampede was a real buzz. We didn't visit any native American villages. French speaking Quebec was also not quite what I expected. We had a guide who was very anti-British and it took some control not to mention how they had displaced the Native people before them. The music scene is strong in Montreal with lots of events around their jazz festival. Reply


Posted by: pointy
Posted: 21st May 2013

pointy says: Although it was years ago, I travelled solo from all over Canada. From Niagara Falls to Toronto to Ottawa back to Toronto then with stops in Thunder Bay, Winnepeg, Calgary, Edmonton,Banff and Vancouver. One of the best if not the best countries to travel across. The people are friendly, the scenery unbelievable and if you can't enjoy yourself it's your own fault. Ultimately it's up to you so I would suggest that you look for the information you need to discover your own Canada because you're the one who's going to enjoy it. One tip I can give is to look up any Tranzac Clubs and Hostels as there are a few and that way you will get some local information which is always the best. Reply


Posted by: ShellG
Posted: 9th Jul 2013

ShellG says: Hi Jani82,
We took a trip to US and Canada (from Brisbane, Australia) in Sept 2011, spending just 6 days in Canada itself. From San Francisco we flew to Vancouver and stayed 3 nights. We spent a couple of days exploring this beautiful city on a hop-on/hop-off trolley bus, which was a fabulous way to get an insight into Vancouver. From there we flew to Edmonton, picked up a hire car and drove down the Icefields Parkway through the Canadian Rockies, staying in gorgeous Jasper and Banff before arriving in Calgary. We visited the Athabasca Falls, Athabasca Glacier on the Columbia Icefield, Sunwapta Falls, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Banff Gondola, Lake Minnewanka Cruise (package deal with Glacier ride/Banff Gondola/Lake Cruise was the best/cheapest way to see all three). The views over Banff and surrounding areas from the top of Sulphur Mountain were spectacular, as was the experience on the Glacier ride. The lake cruise was relaxing and a nice way to spend a couple of hours. Lake Louise is amazingly beautiful, and we both would love to see more of this area when it is snowing. Calgary is a pretty city and we wish we could have spent more time there. In Vancouver we missed out on seeing Victoria and the Butchart Gardens... just not enough time. We also did a day flight to Niagara Falls from New York, which was well worth the time and expense. We visited both sides of the falls on our tour, loved it, and everything we saw and did in Canada. We didn't see any Native/Aboriginal civilisations, although we did see the Totem Poles in Stanley Park which were interesting. Good luck for your trip and have a fabulous time, it's so easy to do in Canada!! Oh, and the people are so friendly, just like Aussies and Kiwis. Reply


Posted by: annie
Posted: 5th Sep 2013

annie says: No I have not been to Canada but my parents have and have said it is a most beautiful place to visit.The people are very friendly and the place has some beautiful scenery


Posted by: Dora
Posted: 18th Nov 2013

Dora says: Hi
I am not sure if you already went on your trip yet. Just wanted to say that I have been to Canada & absolutely loved it.
They people are the friendliest that I have ever met. Getting around on public transport is so easy & safe.
The people are so helpful and well mannered every where you go.
I just loved it. It was too big for me to see all of it on my short 2 week stay. But I intend to go back. Reply


Posted by: UnLucky
Posted: 25th Dec 2013

UnLucky says: Would love to go to Canda . Have a cousin there. Is very pretty place when are you going Reply


Posted by: Brad
Posted: 13th Mar 2014

Brad says: We've studied, lived/worked, travelled extensively in Canada since late 1979. One son now lives in Montreal... and his older brother will move to Vancouver later this year (2014). Do you have any specific questions? Happy to respond to any queries related to studying in Canada, working there, most provinces, cultural issues, travel (including cruises) and vehicle issues. Reply


Posted by: can88
Posted: 27th May 2014

can88 says: I go to Vancouver every couple of years. I switch it up between seasons to get a well rounded idea of weather and what Canadians do in these different seasons.. Last year I went from Thanksgiving, the Canadian on in early Oct, to Halloween. It is a fabulous place with many, many interesting things to do. I recommend the 1st Nations museum at UBC to get a sense of Canada's 1st People's history, art and spirituality. Find yourself some beautiful pieces of jade carvings to treasure. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 16th Jun 2014

says: me too i would love to go to Canada with my husband very soon but would like to know what is the best place to go to for holiday in canada Reply


Posted by: jeykill
Posted: 15th Jan 2015

jeykill says: i went 2 years ago to Canada to vancouver stayed 7 days and then did a 24 day cruise back to sydney.stops were holywodd,Hilo,honolulu,american Samoa,Fiji and new caledonia and vanuatu .i travelled with the holland america ship would recommend Reply

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