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In October and November 2012, at the behest of my wife, we spent just over 4 weeks in many parts of India with the aim of both sightseeing and fulfilling her Buddhist quests. She had a great time visiting many religious sites and attending a Dalai Lama lecture in Dharamsala. I, for much of the journey, suffered a variety of ailments including many bouts of Delhi belly, worms, chest infection etc. She is very keen to return to India next year. Should I dare to accompany her again?

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Posted by: mermaid
Posted: 1st May 2013

mermaid says: OM give yourself credit love, your such a generous and loving partner accompanying your wife on her quest so remember to treat yourself well on your next journey.
Perhaps taking like-minded friends to enjoy YOUR time as your wife does :) as there is much more to enjoy in India for the non Bhuddist Seekers :) Reply

jimmy Tshering

Posted by: jimmy Tshering
Posted: 10th Jun 2013

jimmy Tshering says: If you are interested in Buddhism then Bhutan will be the best place to visit. It is right next to india but is completely different To what india is both life style and environment. I highly recommend Bhutan. Google bhutan for more info. I assure you wont be dissapointed


Posted by: david
Posted: 12th Jun 2013

david says: do not return,play it safe Reply


Posted by: hems1111
Posted: 19th Sep 2013

hems1111 says: Hi,

enjoy the time with your wife.After all, India is a good place to visit and explore the traditions and cultures.You will love it.Have a peaceful time.

Cheers! Reply


Posted by: Soin
Posted: 22nd Sep 2013

Soin says: This should be your personal choice whether you want to accompany your wife or not. Reply


Posted by: Dora
Posted: 18th Feb 2014

Dora says: Not sure if you went or not. But if you would like to accompany her, perhaps find thngs that you can do and maybe have all your meals at the hotels. Also make sure you carry something to cure any tummy ailments should they occur.

There is a LOT more to India than just the temples. Try also visting outhern India which is so different from the North. Places like Kerela & Goa for instance are famous for relaxation holidays. Stay in a boat house that cruises on the river in Kerela or in a guesthouse by the beach in Goa. YOu will love it.

From there you could perhaps also try Sri lanka which is just a short flight away.. Reply


Posted by: aussiejohn
Posted: 5th May 2014

aussiejohn says: Talk to your doctor and research how to travel in India safely and in good health. I am sure there will be tons of stuff from people who have managed to have a good time in India and stay well.

I would love to go, and have worried about it. My only experience so far is 2 days in Mumbai some years ago, but I was wary. I will go again. I am sure it is possible to travel safely there, taking reasonable precautions re food, water, etc.

I did have a touch of tummy problems on the plane home, that was caused by food eaten at a 5 star hotel at the airport, that Qantas sent us (Biz Class passengers) to, while our flight was delayed. So you can get sick anywhere.


Posted by: kanu
Posted: 9th May 2014

kanu says: I guess you have to ask yourself do you enjoy anything about India. If you are not really into the Dalai Lama (or whatever other part of india is on the menu .. ), then I guess it will be one relentless austerity for the sake of humoring your beloved.
If not, Dharamsala is picturesque so maybe there is some sort of mountaineering touring thing you can latch on to (or even paragliding if your adventurous ... popular spot for that )
If its simply an issue of dealing with your health, then it may pay to look at factors at play. I spent about 3 years in India (including dharamsala ... which, by the way, strikes me as one of India's more accessible parts to western sensibilities) and perhaps the big thing is the weather. At that time of the year you are getting the early onslaught of winter (due to the altitude). Going a month earlier (or alternatively in late march) might help avoid the likelihood of developing chest infections.
Dietary complications usually get more complicated from eating the wrong thing at the wrong time. Fried foods, heavy spice (particularly red chilli) etc all have predictable consequences.
Try eating your main meal in the middle of the day (better for digestion).

If she is really into buddhism in all its flavours maybe you could suggest venturing into nepal, which, while possessed of similar challenges to health that india poses, tends to be a bit more geared up and accommodating for westerners Reply


Posted by: HayleyBailey
Posted: 13th May 2014

HayleyBailey says: Anyone can get sick anywhere they travel in the world. India is a developing country so you have to be careful where you go and what you eat. I travelled around India on my own for 3 months some years ago and yes I became sick for over a week and it was awful, however the incredible experiences far out weigh the bad experiences I had in India. If you enjoyed other things about India then you should go back.....I would in a heartbeat! Reply

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