how can you tell what wines go with what foods?
example 'Celebration mousse torte' any ideas

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Posted by: Chris
Posted: 6th Oct 2012

Chris says: you drink whatever wine you like with whatever food you like----don't listen to the wine snobs---most them talk B.S.
In general though most people would drink the sweeter wines (e.g.Sauternes) with dessert. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 21st Oct 2012

says: emms, sauterne is areally good wine to have with your dish I feel it's better with cheese and not something so sweet. Suggest you go to a good Italian or french restaurant and enquire from maitre de there are many good dessert wines to choose from rather than just going same same
cheers rotty Reply


Posted by: Bigfoot
Posted: 14th Nov 2012

Bigfoot says: It doesn't have to be a specific wine to go with a particular type of meal. If you like a particular wine, then you can drink it at any time with whatever food you are having. Wine snobs are two a penny and usually talk in a language that most people don't understand anyway. Reply

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