Have you ever to mekong delta ?

Discover the lush beauty of the Mekong Delta as you wind your way down narrow canals on a sampan that glides along fruit orchards, paddy fields and sleepy villages; visit a floating market, where vendors display the delta's bounty of fruits and vegetables on their boats. However, busy selling and buying, they will never forget to throw you happy smiles and wave at you. Overnight on board in Mekong delta

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Posted by: jackwood9899
Posted: 4th Sep 2012

jackwood9899 says: it's just so great to be there, it's actually a good place to go on holiday really Reply


Posted by: Benji
Posted: 27th Nov 2012

Benji says: Did a trip on the Pandaw (small boat with about 30 cabins) all the way from Seam Reap in Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and loved every minute of it.
I would recommend this trip wholeheartedly - wonderful crew, great little cabins with ensuites, teak wood everywhere, great food and free drinks too!. Just to sit outside your cabin on a wooden chair and watch the passing parade of small boats, villages, fishermen etc was a very humbling experience. Everyone seemed happy and looked healthy as they went about their business along the mighty Mekong. Reply

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