Has anyone been to santorini?

Santorini would be one of the most wonderful islands the world! It is one of the Greek islands and I spent a few days there with my husband when we went to celebrate a friends 60th birthday. It was fantastic, and the sunsets are amazing.

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Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 17th Oct 2012

says: Santorini is a beautiful place to visit and spend holidays. It wonderful place to be at with family friends and other people you with to be with. Reply


Posted by: Lastcardlouis
Posted: 29th Apr 2013

Lastcardlouis says: Funny, we spent a week cruising the Aegean Sea and the sunsets (including Santorini) were OK but frankly didn't compare with what I've seen across Australia.

Santorini is fascinating and spectacular and they know how to serve a cold beer in the bars and restaurants. As you approach the island it looks as though there's snow on the cliff tops but of course it's the white buildings. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 2nd Jun 2013

says: Yes santorini is an amazing place. I was there for my honeymoon 13 years ago and have not been back. Hopefully in the next few years. The beaches are beautiful and the food is exotic Reply


Posted by: kz
Posted: 11th Jun 2013

kz says: Yes! One of my favourite trips was when I visited Santorini.. It was breathtaking! The sunsets were gorgeous and I felt such a beautiful calmness. The food was great & the little bars did not disappoint. But most of all the island was so picturesque, most of my photos look like postcards. If I was able to, I'd go back in a heart beat. Reply


Posted by: YSporsche
Posted: 18th Jun 2013

YSporsche says: I'm Greek from the largest island Crete and we know Santorini as being full of gays. Reply

Babe 1

Posted by: Babe 1
Posted: 26th Sep 2013

YSporsche says: I'm Greek from the largest island Crete and we know Santorini as being full of gays.

Babe 1 says: I'm sorry to hear that, because when I did a Greek Island cruise some years ago and visited Santorini the sheer beauty of the place and the just like the post card scenery I didn't notice this. The only island I noticed a lot of gay people was Mykinos, however I was happy to share these beautiful islands with everyone. Babe1 Reply


Posted by: Minaki
Posted: 26th Jun 2013

Minaki says: Santorini is beautiful because the island on it's own (without the villas) is volcanic and not that appealing but yet the Greeks have built the most wonderful cute and chic houses on it. Love it! I went to a wedding there and it was the most memorable, beautiful wedding... Reply


Posted by: Carrie55
Posted: 29th Sep 2013

Carrie55 says: My husband and I spent a few days in Santorini a couple of years ago, what a beautiful place. Our room overlooked the sea and we had the view of the Caldera. The Sunset was amazing to watch. We hired a car and drove around the island. Went to the beach with black sand, a winery, down to the old port. I wasn't game enough to ride a donkey up all the steps from the port to the road. We took the cable car instead. That was a bit scary! Saw some funny sights: A man on a motorbike carrying a ladder! An old lady, passenger on a scooter, sitting side saddle with a cigarette in her mouth! The weather was beautiful, people friendly and obliging and I just love Greek food, especially the Yoghurt! I would love to go back tomorrow. Reply

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