Why is so much aus red wine so rough.

Much of our red wine is not worth the money being asked and in my opinion, cheap cask wine is better than $10< bottled wine.

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Posted by: MikeT
Posted: 25th Jul 2012

MikeT says: You're buying the wrong wine from the wrong place! I get most of my wine through Cellarmasters, and they have plenty of sub-$10 wines- perfectly drinkable. I've tried other wine suppliers (one of the online ones) and one bottle from them was simply awful, with no money-back guarantee like Cellarmasters( which I have used, it's real- having received credit for 2 medium range wines which were not off, just bland and tatseless- a grenache). Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 24th Aug 2012

says: i always buy my straight from the wine cellar in south australia and in the huter valley i think that buying wine from the maker is cheaper and you get good red wine
Ann Reply


Posted by: Rusty
Posted: 28th Aug 2012

Rusty says: If you're wine is too rough, then try blended wines. For red, a nice cabernet savignon merlot. For while a semillion savignon blanc. These can be bought for under $10 and are quite palatable. Remember to let your red breath. If you decant it, you don't wait that long! Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 4th Sep 2012

PGS says: Depends what you're buying, Some a bad, some very bad - but some are great.

You might go through a few cases before you find one or two you really like.


Posted by: dani
Posted: 4th Sep 2012

dani says: there are simany to choose from which makes it really hard to find one i like. even if you spend a decent amount of money on wine there is no guarantee that when u try it you like it? i have alot of trouble with it so i drink whitwe wine :P Reply

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