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What do people think of organized group tours? I am interested in hearing about people's experiences and if they think it is a cost effective option.

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Posted by: Chezz5
Posted: 16th Mar 2012

Chezz5 says: I think it depends on a number of factors including your age, the amount of time you have and distance you have to travel and perhaps almost most importantly, which country you are travelling to. For example I think going to countries such as Russia and Egypt, a group is fantastic. Reply


Posted by: judith42
Posted: 17th Mar 2012

judith42 says: Organized tours are good if you don't know the area or country you visiting. The downside is you don't have much time in each visit but you can always go back later. I've been on a few tours there's a lot of coach travel and you get a good mix of travellers young and old it can be a great experience. Reply


Posted by: Ganic12
Posted: 18th Mar 2012

Ganic12 says: I am not a big fan of organized tours wherever it would be. Firstly,people with different age and interests will not match quite well. Sometimes,i prefer a privacy with my family that organized tours cannot give you often. Maybe they are cheaper than private tours that is understandable,but i would always pick nice private holliday if i can afford it. Reply


Posted by: flossy
Posted: 19th Mar 2012

flossy says: I think tours cabn be good as you see things that you might not know about if you did it yourself.


Posted by: Cherrybloss
Posted: 19th Mar 2012

Cherrybloss says: ive heard such good things about these kind of tours so much so ive booked myself one for sept/oct this year looking forward to it even if i am going on my own. Reply


Posted by: dave
Posted: 8th Apr 2012

dave says: good way to go out and saves money Reply


Posted by: Lastcardlouis
Posted: 18th Apr 2012

Lastcardlouis says: My wife and I did a "sort of" group cruise/tour a couple of years ago. Can't remember the name of the company or even the boat we were on but we booked it though Flight Centre and it was great. We certainly could have dome the whole exercise on our own but frankly our brilliant chief guide, a lady named Christiana, was so good that we were very happy to go with the flow. The group was small and mostly weirdos from the USA, but we didn't have to get pally so it didn't matter. Being based on the cruise boat while we explored Athens and islands and coastlines of the Aegean Sea made it easy, 'cos once you're on the boat you just unpack and don't worry about anything until it's disembarkation time. In retrospect we could have done without one or two of the island tours - they were all starting to look the same, but of course you don't know what you might miss!

I don't know about cost-effectiveness: I think you pays your money and you takes your choice. We've travelled elsewhere in Europe on our own because that's what suited us. No guide, no problem.

Last, I don't think I'd like a guided bus tour. Too much pack/unpack and the world rushing past your window. Reply


Posted by: MazRoc
Posted: 6th Oct 2012

MazRoc says: I did a Contiki tour in 2003 of Western Europe for 40 days with 40 strangers. The experience was great. The tour started with 40 strangers and by the end of the tour, I've made many friends that I still keep in contact with today.
Touring 12 different countries, the value was acceptable, as most of the meals & attractions were included. It was a great learning opportunity & also the chance to see the best Europe has to offer. Tour staff were excellent & friendly.
Overall, it was a really good experience. Reply

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