Hiome made fizzy drinks

Has anybody got any good recipes for homemade fizzy drinks. I tried to make my own home made lemonade, but there's hardly any fizz and the flavour is awful! Any tips?

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Captain  Slog

Posted by: Captain Slog
Posted: 22nd Feb 2012

Captain Slog says: Hi Vulcan,
I think I can help you here.
The most obvious method is to use a SODA STREAM, but, not many people can afford them, However. . .
Add a 1/2 Teaspoon each of citric Acid and Baking Soda to a Large Glass.
Working quickly, add water and a shot of cordial syrup, stir and enjoy. I'm going to try it now, to see if i'm right.
(A few minutes later. . .)
Well, I'm back! I did JUST that!
I got a glass, put a splash of BAKERHALL'S Blackberry Squirt into it. Then I put 1/2 a Teaspoon each of citric acid and Baking Soda into a small dish with a spout on it and added it to the Syrup. It started to froth up, and then I quickly added the water.
I am sure you can just picture the result. Yes, it worked but it fizzed up very quickly, and I had to drink it quickly, too. Maybe I should've used a BIGGER Glass.
Have Fun! Its really. . . VOLCANIC! Sorry about that!


Posted by: Ziah
Posted: 24th Feb 2012

Ziah says: Try adding soda water or sparkling water to your favourite cordial instead of plain water, or make your own cordial, too (lemon - 1L water, 500g sugar, juice of 6 large lemons and the rind of two, thinly peeled from one lemon. Boil the sugar, water and rind until sugar is dissolved, then simmer for 2 minutes. Remove peel, cool. Juice lemons and pour juice into syrup. Bottle in a swing-top or screw-top bottle when cool, and you can add more or less juice if desired. Keeps in fridge for months. Lime cordial is made the same way, but to get enough juice you need to use double or even triple the amount of fruit. Grapefruit is also quite refreshing if you like grapefruit.There are a lot of recipes for lemonade, or squash or cordial on the 'net, and soda water is great for adding some fizz without the crap that goes into normal fizzy drinks... Reply

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