Water related rescue charities

Being a boatie of old, I have three charities I have supported unwaveringly for many years - the Coastguard, the Westpac Rescue Helicopters and Surf Lifesaving. The crews of these 3 charities all do amazing things every day to save people's lives both on & off the water. There are many deserving charities out there but I have aligned my donations/support with my main interests - I can't afford to give to lots of different charities so I give to my chosen 3 causes consistently because I strongly believe in what all 3 of them stand for and do.

The volunteers all give huge amounts of their spare (and employer's) time to these causes in training, emergency callouts, operattionall meetings, and fundraising events. In many cases, the paid staff are also volunteers out of work, similarly donating their spare time and energy. And everyone involved with these charities is 100% passionate about what they do and achieve.

When other charities approach me for donations I always tell them the same thing - I have my chosen 3 charities to which I willingly donate both my time and my financial donations and I very rarely give to any other causes. I prefer to focus my efforts on my 3 chosen charities and hopefully make a small difference by doing so.

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Posted by: jac
Posted: 18th Feb 2012

jac says: I think this is really great I myself only support a couple and yes any amount will help and the more that do the quicker it will grow Reply


Posted by: Chezz5
Posted: 24th May 2012

Chezz5 says: I too only support a couple of charities as I only have so many charity dollars. However, having tried to raise money for a variety of projects when I was a teacher, what is really disappointing is when kids write or contact businesses for help, they don't even get a letter telling them they are not going to support them. Reply

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