Increading iron in my diet

Can anyone tell me how I can get more iron in to my diet without eating meat..I eat fish and seafood but am mainly vegetarian and really do not want to take iron tablets as they play serioys havov with your anyone with high loading food source ideas please do let me know..

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Posted by: sukhy
Posted: 5th Dec 2011

sukhy says: sorry this should read Increasing iron in my diet Reply

di di

Posted by: di di
Posted: 24th Jan 2012

sukhy says: sorry this should read Increasing iron in my diet

di di says: Eat more chickpeas and beans Reply


Posted by: priya
Posted: 25th Sep 2012

sukhy says: sorry this should read Increasing iron in my diet

priya says: hey spinach is a good source of iron, also cereals rich in iron could be included.In Indian food grocery's a form of sugar called jaggery could be found, it is also high in iron could be used to make desserts as a replacement for sugar or mixed with milk. Reply


Posted by: paradox
Posted: 5th Dec 2011

paradox says: sukhy, I would have thought that spinach and silver-beet and likewise vegetables would be a good source iron for your diet. There are many recipes that you can find on the net. An important aspect with getting the most out of all your veg is not to overcook them or eat them raw if possible. Hope this helps, merry Christmas or should I say happy holidays. Reply


Posted by: wonder2009
Posted: 21st Dec 2011

wonder2009 says: Hi Sukhy
There is a product on the market by the name of Quorn which has been in the UK for over 20 years. It is meat and soy free and provides a plant and vegetable food with high levels of protein and iron.
Hope this helps.
(Just a side note, if you eat seafood you can't really class yourself as a vegetarian. A vegetarian does not eat any kind of meat, including seafood. If you decide to eliminate seafood from your diet, there are many other plant based alternatives to give you those Omega 3s and 6s..but that's probably for another post.)


Posted by: Rin
Posted: 2nd Feb 2012

wonder2009 says: Hi Sukhy
There is a product on the market by the name of Quorn which has been in the UK for over 20 years. It is meat and soy free and provides a plant and vegetable food with high levels of...

Rin says: Hi Sukhy
I have heard of the product Quorn, but there dosent seem to be too many recipes for this in Australia, if you could direct me to a website that would be fantastic Reply


Posted by: DeNiro
Posted: 21st Dec 2011

DeNiro says: Eating an orange or something else with a high level of vitamin C whenever you consume any iron rich vegetables - it aids your body's absorption of same. Reply


Posted by: candiejames
Posted: 22nd Dec 2011

candiejames says: I actually have the opposite problem. I have haemochromatosis which causes too much iron to be stored. These are things I need to avoid, but will help you to increase iron...

Vitamin C, Sugar, and alcohol all increase iron absorption when you have them with a meal. A glass of orange or apple juice would be perfect.

Do not have coffee or tea with a meal as they inhibit absorption.

While spinach is great for you and high in iron, it actually contains something that inhibits your body from absorbing much of it's iron.

Mussels are very high in iron, more so than many meat items. Shrimp are also high in iron.

If your levels are extremely low, there are injections you can get. I had a weird condition once that caused my iron levels to become dangerously low and the injections worked without causing any stomach upsets. They can leave a stain which resembles a small bruise for a while, but it is small and on your backside.

Definitely consult your doctor and keep a good eye on your iron levels through regular blood tests.

I hope I could help in some way. Good luck :)



Posted by: kiwigal
Posted: 23rd Dec 2011

kiwigal says: We have flouridix over here in NZ, good for boosting when down. Greens otherwise is a great start. Reply

Miss Prim

Posted by: Miss Prim
Posted: 7th Jan 2012

Miss Prim says: Look up the Internet which tells you what foods contain iron, ask your doctor, visit your local library and read up on it for yourself, contact a Dietician who will advise you on what types of food contain a high content of iron. Good luck! Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 15th Jan 2012

says: Here are a couple of websites that might help. The 2nd is a Vegan website.


Posted by: sukhy
Posted: 24th Jan 2012

sukhy says: Dear all

Thank you all for your replies and I have taken them all on board..I really this chat room and the wealth of information that has come from all of you particularly those with the opposite problem..I was under the impression that spinach would do the trick but alas I was mistaken..I am a vegetarian but advised to start eating seafood as I will not eat red meat at all..

Thank you all again Reply


Posted by: spabath
Posted: 30th Jan 2012

spabath says: I, too, don't eat much meat and I boost my iron levels by adding a sachet of a liquid iron supplement called Spatone, as well as Wagner's Ester C tablets to ensure the iron is absorbed. Most health food stores and some pharmacies sell a box of 28 sachets for approximately $30.00. This works for me without causing constipation or any other side affects. Good luck. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 7th Feb 2012

says: Thank you all for your useful comments and I will take them on board



Posted by: Glowz
Posted: 26th Sep 2012

Glowz says: Do you love seafoods,great if you do, KINA's are the go Great in irons, i eat these alot for iron in take and depending on the sizes in a punnt i may only eat 1 or 2 or thou the cost is great they aren't the only for irons beta then the old iron tabs as such other wise check out the internet great way to findout about any topics you like to search for example iron foods and also consider looking at just how much iron you should be having, Yeah! if in delt always confide in the doctors advice or specialist to a great plan that best suits you and your diets.


Posted by: JPJess
Posted: 12th Oct 2012

JPJess says: The newer iron tablets are actually quite good; especially Ferogradumet C (which has both iron and vitamin C, to aid absorption).

Otherwise, legumes (chickpeas and beans), spinach, brocolli and most other green leafy vegetables. Reply


Posted by: musicmum
Posted: 11th Jan 2013

musicmum says: Barley Grass Powder has 200% more iron than other sources and is easily absorbed. Reply


Posted by: Sil
Posted: 29th Apr 2014

Sil says: Lots of legumes, mushrooms, spinach & eggplant. Try & donate blood as your bosy produces more & more... Reply


Posted by: Bazz
Posted: 25th Jul 2014

Bazz says: There are plenty of iron-rich foods in the plant kingdom. A large variety of every food group is obviously recommended. This includes veg, fruit, seeds, legumes, grains, nuts, herbs & spices. However, what is often overlooked is the crucial role of food preparation in preventing the leeching of iron, etc from your body. Dairy products, for example, are also known to leech large quantities of vitamins & minerals from one's body. Grains, legumes, nuts & seeds contain phytic acid & enzyme inhibitors which must be converted to other forms for proper absorption of vitamins, minerals & proteins. Soaking in drinking water for seven hours will do the trick, but each type must be treated differently... nuts need a pinch of salt added, grains a squeeze of lemon juice & the others just in plain water. Sprouting is the next step. This can increase protein content by up to 1000% & add up to 300% to vitamin & mineral content, whilst at the same time multiplying food volume up to 10.5 times! Reply

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