Southerising our holidays

Our holidays in New Zealand are Northern Hemisphere holidays and have lost their meaning as they do not relate to the correct season. For example, Christmas occurs in winter. Here we celebrate it in summer. Easter is celebrated in spring and is about new life and resurrection. Here in New Zealand, we celebrate it when everything is dying down. No chickens and bunnies are being born in autumn. Halloween is celebrated when it is getting darker and the pumpkins are ripe in the Northern Hemisphere. Here I hadn't even planted mine this year at Halloween.
How lovely it would have been this year if we could have closed the schools and celebrated Christmas, when most places in New Zealand experienced snow.

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Posted by: emf
Posted: 17th Feb 2012

emf says: This is such a silly idea. I was born in the UK in spring, so should I celebrate my birthday over here in the Southern spring?? I do not think so!! Reply


Posted by: wendel
Posted: 6th Sep 2012

wendel says: Yes I agree, Xmas is depicted as an idyliic snowy wonderland, which it is to some. Here in Australia we try to get around that by having "Xmas in July". Where we have a sort of 'mini' Xmas celebration, but with fresh prawns/seafood and plenty of cheer! Works for me.

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