Coffee in cairns help

I will be In Cairns, And I want the best atmosphere with greets coffee. Not MAINSTREAM please......
Any help appreciated ta

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Posted by: fred
Posted: 21st Nov 2011

fred says: I was in Cairns last month and my daughter took me to Merbeena. There is a great coffee place just as you come into town on the left hand side. I cant remeber the name of it nor for the next 2 places that we visited which were just on the other side of town. Sorry that I cant be more exact but they all had very good atmosphere and were great to visit and look around, and only about 2hrs from Cairns. I hope that u find them or similar, regards Reply


Posted by: simla
Posted: 2nd May 2013

simla says: Hi cafe adam, it' s a bit late for your trip to Cairns, it's now 2013!, but i think next trip to Cairns you should go to the the Atherton Tableland. The ares is buzzing with great coffee places. Start at Kurrandah, a scenic railway is worth a look. Then work your way up through the pretty little towns like Milla Milla, with the beautiful warerfalls, to the top of Mt Belledon Kerr, the highest mt in Queensland.

I was suprised how close the Atherton Tableland is to Cairns. You can see a lot in a couple of hours, but you will want to stay a few days to be able to ckeck out all that coffee at Mareeba! Reply

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