Stopover in qatar on way to uk

My husband and I will be travelling to the UK next year and are currently looking at airfares for June/July. Has anyone ever taken a stopover in Qatar. Their fares seem very reasonable and we are interested in breaking our journey for at least one night. Look forward to any tips, hints or suggestions.

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Posted by: Sammbo
Posted: 18th Feb 2012

Sammbo says: Considering the time you get your bags, clear customs and arrive at your hotel and unpack. Then a relatively few hours later repeat the entire process in reverse.

Can't see the point of a break for just one night.

Might be better to pay a bit more, with say a short layover at Singapore then straight through to UK Reply


Posted by: giznjack
Posted: 6th Mar 2012

giznjack says: I"ve found stopovers to be a really good way to find out if you like a place enough to holiday there another time. Choosing to add another night to your Qatar stopover would give you the chance to check it out while breaking the journey up. Reply


Posted by: Carrie55
Posted: 29th Sep 2013

Carrie55 says: You've probably been and come back to Uk by now. However, we had a stopover in Qatar. It was the beginning of August 2011. Ramadan at the time. It was so hot and humid outside, like 45 degrees. I stayed in my airconditioned room whilst my husband was in the pool and sea. As soon as I went outside my glasses fogged up from the humidity. One evening we went to the Souks and a huge shopping centre and the only other sightseeing was on the way to our hotel from the airport and back in the dark. Lots of construction was going on and everything seemed to be the colour of sand. Well, it is the desert, I suppose! Reply


Posted by: coca
Posted: 21st Nov 2013

coca says: i been to qatar for stop over for my travel to europe. I dont think it is reasonable to stay in the hotel for one day or night. There is nothing to see in qatar except sand. My advise would be stop only for three hours in the airport, bring a good book to read to pass your time. Pay a great attention to the travel time and destination as there will be no announcement on the airport. It is a quiete airport. You will not regret flying QATAR airwaysas it is one of the best service on air. You are spoilt. All the stewardess do is please you with their good service and good feed and drinks. I use Qatar airways now for few time. I think it is better than emirates. Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 25th Jan 2014

PGS says: Personally, I won't get on a plane that stops in the Middle East - I'd prefer to go via Asia any day.


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