The acceptability in society of gay males vs gay females.

Can anyone tell me why male on male relationships are not accepted by society and female on female sex is tolerated?

I am a gay male who has been in a relationship for the last 7 years with the same person. We are currently paying off a mortgage together and live like a "normal" defacto couple. So why the stigmata ?

Also why can we not get married and afforded the same reasonable rights as a heterosexual couple?

I understand the religious point of view, however I believe that if religion wants to outlaw gay marriage it should be made responsible for all records relating to marriage if the individual couple so wishes. It should be a matter of keeping state and religion free and separate of each other.

What are everyone else s thoughts?.

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Posted by: Sugarmum
Posted: 27th Oct 2011

Sugarmum says: I personally admire anyone that is strong enough to stand up for what they believe in and do not dicriminate against people because of their sexual orientation. You should both be proud to have sustained a loving relationship for 7 years - it is not an easy ask no matter if you are hetro, bi or gay. As for the stigma, do have to agree that lesbians seem to be more acceptable but then that may be due to hetro guy fancies more than reality and the fact that many hetro guys are so homophobic (which is truly sad) - I personally have found from 30 plus years of life experience, and I am hetro, that most gay couples (be they male or female) have much more honest and open relationships than those of us that are apparently "NORMAL". All I can say is stay true to yourself and don't listen to the nay sayers because most of them have no idea what they are talking about or are just so bored with their own lives they need to find some way to make it interesting even if that means commenting on things they have absolutely no understanding of :) Wishing you and your partner another happy seven years plus xx Reply


Posted by: trix56
Posted: 22nd Nov 2011

trix56 says: As a hetro female I lasted 7 years with my husband and now I'm coming up for 7 years with my current partner so I think you're doing really well.
My partner is a bit funny about gay guys but not gay women. No, I don't understand it!
As for gay marriages, hetro couples can have non-religious weddings that are still legal. Why not gays? I believe you are entitled to the same rights as hetro couples.
PS: when I was a lot younger and living in Perth all my best friends were gay (both men and women) and they were the nicest most caring people I have ever know.
Good luck to you and your partner. Eventually they will legalise marriage. Reply

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