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Looking for ideas on weddings for a young couple who would like theirs to be different, individual, creative, non church and as inexpensive as possible. The bridal party is small [two brides maids and partners], a celebrant and approx. 50 guests in either spring or autumn. The bride to be would like a 'sit down' meal to ensure the men attending eat as well as drink. They are in the southern suburbs of Perth WA. Many thanks for your thoughts to come.

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Posted by: maree
Posted: 21st Nov 2011

maree says: I did my own wedding with the help of the guests I asked everyone to bring a food dish either a salad or meat dish and some friends made a dessert.
The wedding cake was a pavlova.
It was a great day I was married in the garden and everyone enjoyed themselves
because they all had helped to bring the day off.
Our total cost was to pay for the Celebrant s the men brought the booze. Reply


Posted by: manda
Posted: 21st Nov 2011

manda says: Hi Mez,
Im not sure of your budget but i got married 2 years ago and it cost me 10,000, i made my own bouquet as well as my bridesmades, my table arangements and also my invitations.
I spent 1000 on a dress,but now u can order one from china for 300
1000 on photographer
5000 on a 3 course sit down menu, for 50 people which was awesome
I had it at Munja Gardens towards Secret Harbour and its great there
I got married in the gardens there and had a great celebrant which does this circle of life thing where u walk through rose petals at the end of the red carpet,, very different from anything else ive seen and everyone said it was beautiful
hope this gives you some help Reply


Posted by: vickster
Posted: 22nd Nov 2011

vickster says: we decided to get married 26yrs ago and within 3wks it was done. I was lucky as my mum could sew, so there was my dress & my bridesmaids and she made the cake (with a bit of help from me decorating it). We had a marque in my husbands parents back yard and the local BBQ Spit did the food. We splurged on a stretch limo out to the church & back ( as it was in Sydney and we got married near the water). All our Friends took photos and they all said it was one of the best weddings they'd ever been to. The marque made it very intimate. All up cost about $2000. And we only invited people who mean something to us. Good luck & enjoy the day, as it goes very fast. Reply


Posted by: marianne
Posted: 22nd Nov 2011

marianne says: one thing i did that was a saving was picking my own flowers to take to the florist to make our bouquets. i used the flowers from my own garden as well as a nice neighbour and my school where i teach. it cost me $250 for 4 lovely bouquets.another idea for flowers is to go one you-tube to learn how to make your own out of flowers you buy.
I would go to ebay or a charity shop for the dress, as i'd be a bit wary of the chinese sites. i have heard some people have been disappointed.

i attended a wedding once where people were ask to bring a plate instead of a gift and it was lovely and had a great multi cultural feel. Reply


Posted by: mel
Posted: 9th Feb 2012

mel says: hi there if you can find a realy nice park with beautiful trees around ,have a markee up would be ideal its cheap all your need is to create the area with what ever you would liek, imean you could have your reeption inside markee speeches ,drinks would be easy just a thought Reply


Posted by: belinda
Posted: 3rd Apr 2012

belinda says: a real nice idea i have is on the beach board short and swimmers. You can still have a sit down dinner under the stars and you can have people their with a meals and stuff. then you dont have the church and you can have a nice wedding on the beach Reply

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