Are they ready to come to australia?

They come from overseas like me but but they cant associate with main Australian people also not other religions becuase they look at us non-beleiver of their god, Alah. If they are not ready why they choose t ocome here..... Go to Saudi Arabia or Kuwait or other rich Muslim countries instead they come here and they want us to be like them.... please be consider to accept those people ...

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Posted by: judison
Posted: 8th Nov 2011

judison says: Australia is a free country, who ever can come
but australia also is a freedom of speech, we can be whatever religion we are Reply


Posted by: pauline
Posted: 11th Nov 2011

pauline says: its ones own will and wish where to go and live and whom to australia isa better place for evryone and here there is freedom. Reply


Posted by: Mumsy
Posted: 23rd Feb 2012

Mumsy says: Their culture is totally different in some of the countries they come from, so it must be very hard for them to assimilate. However, this is a 'free' country and like many and varied immigrants who have come here over many years, they must try to blend in with out culture too and accept us the way WE are. We do accept it would be hard for them, but it assimilation that matters.



Posted by: Ingi
Posted: 17th Mar 2012

Ingi says: I definitely agree with you 100%, to come to Australia they should come the right way by that I mean through immigration, like I did in 1949 from war torn Europe, I was 7 years old, learned English on the old ship and spoke 5 languages. We came with one large trunk with our clothes and not much else. Went to school, learned, were lucky to rent an SEC house in Newborough and then started work after 5 years of high school with the SEC as a typist. Never have been on the dole or anything, assimilated with no problems, things seemed easier somehow, no TV's, computers, only radiograms, lots of different nationalities from Europe but somehow they worked hard, appreciated this great country of ours and assimilated with each other, they went through hell back in Europe and came to a country far, far away from their own relatives and friends to make a new life for themselves, there was no Government assistance that we were handed out at all. The population of Australia in 1949 if I remember rightly was 8 million people. Nowadays people from Muslim countries seem to expect and it should be their given right to be given everything when they arrive, if they are boat people and pay a huge sum to escape their horrible country do it the right way, through proper immigration channels, not the back door. I am of the Catholic faith, I respect other people's religion but DO NOT shove it down my throat and tell me what I should be eating, wearing or what religion I should belong to, our problem here was to allow them to build their mosques etc. unless they come here assimilating into our culture and rules they are then allowed to live like we all are, pay your way, work hard, speak English, NO BURKAS, we are not allowed to enter a bank with a helmet on, yet they expect to walk in covered from head to foot. Could be man or woman who will knows?? If you don't want to obey our rules and ways of behaving decently then go back from where you come from, don't come here trying to change OUR way of life to suit yours, if you believe in Allah, that is your right but don't try to stop us believing in our faith, there is only one earth and we are all on it, if I was to go to any Islamic country would I be allowed to build a Catholic Church, of course not!! The old adage "When in Rome do what the Romans do'' the same applies here in this great country of ours Australia. I have never been racist (the word they seem to exploit every day) I don't care what country you come from, we all expect a better life for our families, but don't shove your ideals, your religion, your way of life on us our all families. To each his own I always say and then we will all live in a harmonious fashion as was intended. We are born, we grow, we nurture, we learn, we go to school, we grow up, we enter a profession if one desires or can afford it and then we marry and have children if we are blessed and so forth, the world carries on day after day, no hatred, no fighting, GREED is the killer today, whether it's the Government, some manufacturers, and POWER is next. Someone puts on a uniform and straightaway thinks they are it, you listen. I've got new for you, not one person in this world is better than anyone else, we have all been created equal, in body if not in mind. Reply


Posted by: anna
Posted: 9th Apr 2012

Ingi says: I definitely agree with you 100%, to come to Australia they should come the right way by that I mean through immigration, like I did in 1949 from war torn Europe, I was 7 years old, learned English...

anna says: Totally agree with you, Ingi! The earlier days around the 50's assimilation was easier. At school, we had other nationalities & everybody got on well, at work same thing, mutual respect I feel! Golly the immigrants worked very hard in those days. This allah business is a worry! Reply


Posted by: Ingi
Posted: 9th Apr 2012

anna says: Totally agree with you, Ingi! The earlier days around the 50's assimilation was easier. At school, we had other nationalities & everybody got on well, at work same thing, mutual respect I feel!...

Ingi says: Thank you Anna, it was different, we had no problems with all other migrants, Russian, Polish, Latvian, German, Maltese, Italians, none at all, yes, we all got on very well in school, had respect for other people's belongings, cultures, work the same no problems, and we worked damn hard, nobody gave us handouts. Today's immigrants? or should I say illegals want everything for nothing and they don't want to assimilate or learn our cultures, they don't even know what respect or morals are as far as I can see, as for Allah, if they want him they should have stayed where they came from, we don't go out and brow beat them into our religions, we keep it to ourselves, a person is allowed to workship whomever or whatever but don't push it down our throats, and definitely do not tell us what to eat, do, go or whatever, we have minds of our own. Regards Ingi. Reply


Posted by: Pelly
Posted: 17th May 2012

Pelly says: Unfortunately due to our small population and the wealth our forefathers generated
in a tough land we have now opened the doors to greed, ignorance, lack of courtesy and now whole numbers of immigrants who don't give a tinkers cuss about our way of life (almost dissapeared) only what they can grab wether they walk on people to get it or elbow them out the way...glad I lived in a time when it was a pleasant to ride on public transport and go to the city to shop and be able to communicate with the neighbours...ahh memories!!! Reply


Posted by: Ian
Posted: 5th Sep 2012

Ian says: Yes I agree Muslim people are always like that.. but some are not... I have couple friends who are Muslim but they are nice.. It depends on the belief they have studied or taught to them.. But going to Australia, you really need to embrace their ways, cultures and beliefs if you are a migrant. Reply


Posted by: freemon
Posted: 5th Sep 2012

freemon says: Yes I am not an odd person not to know that this is a free country. Then why these people, Muslim, do not respect freedom of choice and respect to other religions or willing to learn like others... Overall they want people from other religions to convert to Islam... If you guy say freedom, then will you allow Shari law of Islam to implement in this great nation… so on… They want this country to become an Islamic state. Some of you may laugh at me for this statement but one day it will happen if we are soft as we are now. Indonesia does not stop boat people because they want Muslim people to come to this country.. Have you heard of any news about Indonesia coast guard detained or intercepted any boat? None in the last ten years… instead what they want money and funding to strengthen their coast guard… but do nothing…Well I know you want to show your kind heart but…. Reply


Posted by: Ame
Posted: 6th Oct 2012

Ame says: Yes i m agree with you in some of extend, if they think like you said that they dont believe other god and Reply

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