Is racism still rife in usa with blacks/whites??

I watched the movie THE HELP and was so saddened for the African-americans during 1950-60's (and prior) as portrayed in this movie as slaves to the 'whites'.

I wrote on my fb page that I was enlightened with the fact that most (not all) Americans don't have this racism any more, and that most 'blacks' don't exist as slaves either anymore - other than in South Africa where racism is still rife.
Some of my well-travelled friends say its still rife in the USA & that I am being naive?

Is that so.....are we led to believe that the African Americans are treated equal?? I thought that most Americans (not all) were accepting?? I know that there will always be a minority that carry racism for any race, and that racism exists everywhere & that there will be a lot of Native Americans that are poor living in poverty but so are there whites living like this.

I thought that, in my opinion, America had come quite far in equality, seeing that Obama was able to become President & that Oprah is so world dominant??

Maybe I am we live in a multicultural country, and coming from an Italian family, I am very accepting of others & their cultures therefore always treating others equal - and I just assume others do the same??

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Posted by: sakib30994
Posted: 15th Dec 2012

sakib30994 says: Nowadays racism is one of the biggest crime there is and is punishable by law. As you can see people of all color and ethnicity are working together and living in the same community and going to same bars. So yes we can happily say that racism doesn't exist in USA anymore. But saying that, I got to tell you that there are still some people who thinks they are superior to others because of their colors. But as you said these are a minority and should not be taken into consideration while looking at the bigger picture. So, in terms of the bigger picture we can say that USA is a racism free country. Reply

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