Home grown produce?

Do you use home grown veggies in cooking? Do you think they taste better than shop bought?

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Posted by: Kaz
Posted: 15th Oct 2011

Kaz says: Nothing beats home grown tomatoes, they actually have flavour. Store bought ones tend to be fairly tasteless, with hard skins. The gourmet tomotoes and hydroponic ones seem a little better. But nothing beats home grown. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 13th Jan 2012

says: last season we planted beans and eggplants it really taste better that the one from shop , the beans taste more crunchy. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 15th Jan 2012

says: Nothing beats home grown fruit and veges. They are fresher and you know what has been used on them (e.g. spray's etc). Reply


Posted by: inder
Posted: 15th Jan 2012

inder says: in india we use home grown veggies in cooking .yes,the home grown veggies taste is very good than shop bought because home grown veggies are fresh ,pure and healthy for us but in shop sometime they give the injection o he veggies and then veggies grow up one night .Home grown veggies very useful and good aste beter than shop bought. Reply


Posted by: Magz83
Posted: 2nd Mar 2012

Magz83 says: yes Reply


Posted by: suzukisue
Posted: 3rd Mar 2012

suzukisue says: This was our first time growing our own veggies, and it certainly won't be our last!
We grew potatoes, pak choy, swede, pumpkin, beetroot, runner beans, carrots, tomatoes, celery, rhubarb, chillies, capsicum, herbs and lettuce.

We've hardly had to buy anything from the supermarket!

Cost effective and delicious! Reply


Posted by: annie
Posted: 4th Mar 2012

annie says: We have started growing our own vegetables.My husband has put in tomatoes,pumpkin,spinach, and peas.The are all growing well and the first crop of tomatoes have been picked.The flavour and colour are fantastic and it really is great to grow your own vegetables Reply


Posted by: anie
Posted: 16th Mar 2012

annie says: We have started growing our own vegetables.My husband has put in tomatoes,pumpkin,spinach, and peas.The are all growing well and the first crop of tomatoes have been picked.The flavour and colour...

anie says: Home grown vegies have such a good textured taste I feel that I use less when cooking, family and friends always welcome the excess I take when visting them, the purple beans are very much liked, silver beet is always fresh and on hand, the hard work starting the patch is worth it, its is amazing to have picked the vegies and still have them fresh 10 days later, try that from the markets. Reply


Posted by: clutterbugs
Posted: 6th Mar 2012

clutterbugs says:
We grow our own veges and they absolutely taste better than shop bought. Biting into one of our strawberries is like biting into a little ball of liquid - the strawberry just bursts in your mouth with the sweetest flavour - just amazing. And our tomatoes - just so full of delicious flavour. Reply


Posted by: gailkav
Posted: 6th Mar 2012

gailkav says: Just made pizza using our own home grown tomatoes and basil. Just wonderful, full fresh flavour. I love growing vegetables but we have only a small garden, so my daughter and I are planting in pots, We have a large patio area and think the pots will be both decorative and productive, Any one else tried this? Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 17th Mar 2012

says: Straight from the garden they taste fresher and better. Reply


Posted by: Vicky
Posted: 20th Apr 2012

Vicky says: Most defiantely. I grow my own and am always shocked at the color and taste difference of what i used to buy at the Supermarket. For those with no space, you can get those bags that you slit open and just pop the plant it too. Really cool. Reply


Posted by: thedarkness
Posted: 24th Apr 2012

thedarkness says: I would grow my own produce expect I live in a unit and the space is limited also i don't really have the spare time.
But from memory some things taste better. Reply


Posted by: Babs
Posted: 25th Apr 2012

Babs says: Home grown definitely taste better and also they are so much fresher. Ours are grown with no pesticides too so I would always want to be able to grown my own.


Posted by: Suginamac`
Posted: 20th May 2012

Suginamac` says: Absolutely better and also the feeling you get when you go to your backyard to pick vegetables or herbs. Makes me very happy. Reply


Posted by: anna
Posted: 21st Jun 2012

anna says: There are so many things that can be made with home grown that have the best taste ever, even when raw! Soup, stews, raw veg dips are great! My family always had home grown, my memories from dad's garden was getting home from school & before going inside grab a carrot & wash it under the tap, so good, then hit the broadbeans, beans, peas, we were so healthy! My family never had any illness from home grown, either! Steamed, boiled, roasted..go for it!


Posted by: daisy
Posted: 26th Jun 2012

daisy says: nothing is more nicer than home grown vegies from the garden or from the farmers that grow the vegies more fresherthan going into shops and buying themand more healthier Reply


Posted by: Rusty
Posted: 28th Aug 2012

Rusty says: Yes, I grow some of my own veges. I know they taste fresher, and therefore have a better mineral content. They're also organic. I'll be growing more this year too Reply


Posted by: t
Posted: 20th Oct 2012

t says: I don't usually, but have in the past. They taste a lot lighter, fresher and better Reply


Posted by: musicmum
Posted: 11th Jan 2013

musicmum says: YES,YES,YES love my home grown organic vegies. My kid notices too will eat more than bought from the supermarket. Much better for you too,fresh means more nutrients for your body. Supermarkets refrigerate too long which not only kills the taste but nutrient levels as well. Reply


Posted by: Liv
Posted: 10th Apr 2013

Liv says: Yes! I think they taste so much better, they're fresh which means they still have 100% of their flavour, not to mention nutrition! Fruit and Veg lose 80% of their nutrition after 5 days, think of the supermarkets - farmers pick their fruit and package it and send it, thats AT LEAST one day! then travel is another day, you buy it the next day but don't eat it for a few days after that....... there is practically NO nutrition in the food you buy in super markets by the time it hits your plate! Reply


Posted by: chookie
Posted: 11th Aug 2013

chookie says: Home growns the best!! Reply


Posted by: Laura
Posted: 12th Aug 2013

Laura says: 100% tastier and cheaper!!!!! Reply


Posted by: noly
Posted: 6th Apr 2014

noly says: Unfortunatley I don't have anywhere I live to grow my own vegies at the moment but when I am given any I certainly use them in preference to brought I find them better tasting, a lot healthier as well as less expensive. Reply


Posted by: antzy
Posted: 17th May 2014

antzy says: I've only recently started to plant my own vegetables and herbs so i can't really say on the vegetables aspect but using my own herbs from my garden is the best. It's so much more fresh, so much cheaper and tastes better. knowing that you can get something like that straight from your garden and into your cooking is one of the best feelings ever. Reply


Posted by: Bazz
Posted: 30th Jul 2014

Bazz says: As much as possible. The taste alone motivates us to grow more & more. I'm into sprouting grains, legumes & seeds in a big way now too. Very easy to do in the city. You get up to ten-and-a-half times the food volume this way too, with just a little organization & regular attention (like, ten minutes a day!).

We have no idea what we're getting in the supermarkets... even the certified organic fresh veg gets gassed routinely before hitting the shelves. Just ask the growers for a long list of supermarket crimes against humanity all for the sake of high profits. Most of a supermarket's profit comes from the fruit & veg section of the supermarket. Reply


Posted by: marktime
Posted: 9th Sep 2014

marktime says: Bit of bad luck with my tomatoes, they seemed to reignite my reflux, probably with a few other things though. Anyhow i made up a few bottles of relish that i have used as gifts and thank yous instead of the usual losing scratch ticket. Reply

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