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i have a gluten intolerence why are there not many cafes or fast food outlet cater for this and other food intolerence??? it make me so mad when i go to a party or out for a meal and even hard to go on a holiday and stay at motels with out having to take all my food with me. would love some help with this

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Posted by: riannapearl
Posted: 16th Aug 2011

riannapearl says: Really? I'm vegan and I find there are lots of places which do gluten free/vegan food :-) Reply


Posted by: toad
Posted: 29th Aug 2011

toad says: I know in christchurch anyway its becoming a huge thing to have a gluten free option there have been totally gluten free bakerys opening up and as far as pizzas go hells pizza does a gluten free base Reply

Cow Mum

Posted by: Cow Mum
Posted: 22nd Sep 2011

Cow Mum says: We have just recently discovered that my daughter has an intolerance to wheat, soy and dairy. At first it can be quite daunting, but I think if you are able to get some help and guidance from other like people, your choices can be many. It is more knowing where and how to look. Have you tried googling Gluten Free takeaway places? I do sympathise with you and wish you good luck. Perhaps we should all share our discoveries here. Reply


Posted by: Madonna
Posted: 23rd Sep 2011

Madonna says: Just think about it. Your food is going to be contaminated in their kitchens anyway and no one is going to go to the expense of dividing their kitchens, one side for Gluten people and the other for non gluten people are they. People that say they have gluten free food at any eating establishment is not gluten free as it's contaminated. Think about having a slice of toast, they don't care they just shove it in the toaster along with everyone elses, you can't see what they're doing. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 18th Mar 2014

says: I have an intolerance to dairy and lactose. Now I drink lactose free milk and eat lactose free cheese. I'm just careful when I am out not to eat the wrong foods and I'm picky about what I order because I know my stomach gets upset if I'm not picky. Reply

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