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Why do young people say there is nothing to do and they are bored? This young generation has so much money to spend on gadgets such as expensive mobiles, ipads, computers and many even have cars. I live on a pension and since retiring am busier than ever with so many, interests, hobbies, charities, cultural outings etc., most of which cost very little. If I can still afford to stay busy, active and happy why can't they?

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Posted by: Manda
Posted: 3rd Aug 2011

Manda says: Kids now days are fairly narrow minded. Instead of going out in the sunshine they would rather sit and play games.I remember when i was little and i spent all my time either up a tree or reading a book but all my neice wants to do is play computer games.
Sad really Reply


Posted by: NSWMoke
Posted: 17th Aug 2011

NSWMoke says: Seems like there is a severe lack of personal interaction & attention to the young growing minds are already 'fixed' into a bored scenario. If boredom is merely a habitual self propagating complaint, it simply needs conducive actions to replace idleness with activities involving others in any capacity, but it's more favorable with some sense of easily discernible goal oriented progress, like YahooAnswers!, Political involvement, Community Theater, Volunteer Work, or anything capturing interest. Disinterest is too easily allowed by stagnate environments. Boredom isn't limited to the young either! We're all too venerable! Reply


Posted by: dmic
Posted: 18th Aug 2011

dmic says: If they lack a sense of adventure, have trouble interacting on a broader scale, can only understand instant gratification, lack independent thinking and have no sense of resourcefulness, it is because our society has made them so. Do not blame them for living in a society that we have created for them. They have grown up in a world with an ever growing list of laws and regulations to protect and control them. Governments and media are in the habit of fear mongering. We compensate by supplying them with gadgets that encourage them to stay within the protective environment of their homes. Games, movies and television teach them that bad behaviour is not only cool, but the best way to survive and in fact, succeed. Everything they have is pre-made and disposable, and so many of their "friends" exist mainly as profiles on their computer screens. They are never taught the skills to make things with their own hands as we have taken away the need for it.
Yet, if we teach them not to be stupid (all kids are smart, parents teach children to be stupid), encourage them to think for themselves, to respect people and their property and teach them not to rely on governments and the media to tell them what to fear, then those youth you will find are the ones we can be proud of. Reply


Posted by: courtneycicero
Posted: 9th Aug 2012

courtneycicero says: i honestly think that technology can't make up for some old fashioned fun in the yard. i am a youth of today, so to speak, and i always have the most fun when i'm out of the house in the sunshine. funnily enough though, i always feel like i NEED to have the latest phone or game but once i get them i never play with them and i'm bored. i think my generation needs to get out more and actually enjoy what is right in our front yards. the sunshine won't ever become 'new and improved' and we should enjoy what we've got. i don't want to blame the parents, but i know that many of them have just sat us in front of the tele from a very young age thinking "oh good they're happy and they're quiet". unfotunately it has become molded into out brains that when we want to be entertained jump straight to the tele or other technological gadgets. i truely wish i had spent more time outside when i was young (2,34,etc) so that it became a more natural thing for me to. you people can definitely go and find activities to do, but they won't be 'cool' or 'awesome' if they aren't watching the latest shows or playing the newest games and they may seem like a 'loser' if they are found volunteering.
i personally find this an extremely sad truth in my town. i like to help out around the town, but there are many kids who wouldn't be caught dead helping out a non-for-profit organisation. it sickens me how one generation has actually become so selfish... Reply


Posted by: EileenW1
Posted: 10th Aug 2012

EileenW1 says: How refreshing to hear from a young person with such positive views. The future of the World is in good hands when the next generation can carry on this attitude. Reply


Posted by: BonsaiGirl
Posted: 4th Sep 2012

BonsaiGirl says: I worked with teens for years and heard the "I'm bored" thing many times. I believe there are a number of reasons for this. They don't know what to do - really don't know. This could be due to lack of imagination or lack of childhood experiences of a variety of activities. They could be overtired - recent studies show that teens get nowhere enough sleep. The tendency is to boost energy, often with sugery drinks or caffeine, use heaps of energy and then go flat. Another reason is that they can get caught up in what begins as a depressed escape from the pressures of teen life and becomes a habit of sitting around listless and "bored". Other reasons might be drug addiction, poor self-esteem, poor nutrition or being bullied by peers.
It is interesting to note that I was a scout leader for 30 years and never once heard an "I'm bored" at camp or at weekly meetings. Reply


Posted by: annie
Posted: 23rd Dec 2012

annie says: I agree most kids do enjoy staying indoors and playing video games than playing outside either kicking a ball around or playing cricket.Also another reason I think is that some schools set to much homework and assignments that have to be done so the children have no spare time to play outside Reply


Posted by: EileenW1
Posted: 23rd Dec 2012

EileenW1 says: How pleasing it is to see such interesting and insightful replies. I took on directing a Shakespearean play and wondered how many young people would audition. To see so many accepting the challenge, willing to learn and experience the thrill of performing on stage even though they had very little or no experience was such a thrill for me and them. We wowed audiences every night. I am now organising a charity concert to give more youngsters an outlet to show their 'hidden' talents to the public. I just wish I could get even more away from their computer games and show them the world is just full of new experiences for them. Thank you all for responding. Reply


Posted by: DrAlphabatman
Posted: 18th Sep 2013

DrAlphabatman says: I imagine it's the same as any other young generation. They get bored of stuff because it's familiar. I got bored growing up in the country with no computer but vast bushlands and fields to explore. I wasn't always bored, but I got bored from time to time. Saying that kids shouldn't be bored because they have gagdets is actually a very out of touch thing to say, and I can understand why now. You are a pensioner and you are older. Young people have no financial security like you do. That puts them on edge as is. Then you give them something they've grown up on and tell them to shut up and stop being bored. That just sounds like straight up arrogance, to me. It might be new and exciting to you, but to them, it's like being fascinated by a light bulb. You dig? Reply


Posted by: EileenW1
Posted: 18th Sep 2013

DrAlphabatman says: I imagine it's the same as any other young generation. They get bored of stuff because it's familiar. I got bored growing up in the country with no computer but vast bushlands and fields to...

EileenW1 says: You accuse me of arrogance but your reply shows you have either not read my comments, replies or even have an understanding of what people here have discussed.
I have never told a young person to shut up. How dare you assume that? A pensioner with financial security? You assume a hell of lot about me which is utter arrogance when you do not know me at all.
I give up my time to give young people experiences in theatre, I am activeIy invovled in getting talented young musos gigs at local venues, I tutor them with school work, I remain in touch with hundreds of former students, Youth Theatre trainees, many of whom have gone on to professional careers. I sponsor a kindergarten in Bali from my own fundraising usually through concerts involving talented youngsters I mix with in SE Queensland. You have understand very little so don't hide under a silly name in order to criticise people on 'Chat" Reply

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