Cheap and cheerfull breaks not far from auckland.

I'm as good as broke and in need of a break with the kids. We love Rotorua but I don't think the budget could stretch to all the usual activities.

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Posted by: DeborahRobbins
Posted: 20th Apr 2012

DeborahRobbins says: hot water beach is lovely
what about a trip around taupo lake collecting pummis stone to give away as gifts to friends and relatives. Reply


Posted by: narny
Posted: 21st Oct 2012

narny says: i need a good holiday but carnt aford it maybe saving it would work but the budget is to big an di would need a lot of money to go fro a hoilday Reply


Posted by: Nev
Posted: 14th Nov 2012

Nev says: We have never been on an ocean cruise, so we have decided that we will do so in Feb 2013 even if we cannot afford it.
Nev Reply


Posted by: Inez6306
Posted: 27th Jan 2013

Inez6306 says: A friend of mine has done house swaps for 20 years. Their reviews are good, so they almost always get the time and house that they want. the major expense in any holiday is accomodation, I find, and she now takes 4 x 1 month hols/ year...just has to get there. then you see it as the native sees it. Often families/ homeowners leave brochure out for local attractions.


Posted by: simla
Posted: 2nd May 2013

simla says: Hi verity, when I need a break, i go camping, in summer of course. Start by collecting up all the camping gear, tent, sleeping gear, camp table and camp chairs, gas cooker,pots and all that stuff. While you are doing that, check out WARM AREAS on the net. Some places North of Auckland, like Coromandel, Hot Beach, and all areas North would be great. Reply

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