Just purchased a pressure cooka

I have just purchased a Pressure Cooka and I was wondering if anyone had any recipes for me to try. I have not used it yet but it looks like you can cook a meal with meat and vegs from just 10 minutes to 30 minutes. It is going to save so much time for me in my cooking. I have a slow cooka but it has to be on all day to get that tender taste. The pressure cooka can do the same in just 30 mintues and have that great tender taste of the meat. Thanks for your help in any recipes you might have for me.

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Posted by: paradox
Posted: 21st Oct 2011

paradox says: Hi Kelly, watch this space as I will ask my darling wife for some advise as she is a pressure cooker addict. A word of advice though, not all meals are possible to be cooked well by this method. Here is one simple dish even I can cook.
1 whole cauliflower (stem cut flat so it sits on tray, no leaves)
2 cloves garlic (crushed)
50 to 80 g of unsalted butter
Place Cauliflower whole in cooker with 1cm water.
Make sure that the whole head is out of the water.
Shut the lid and as soon as it has reached the recommended pressure remove
from heat and stand for 1 minute or less depending on how crisp you like your Cauliflower.
While the pressure is building in your cooker put butter and garlic in microwave and zap for 20 sec or until butter is melted. leave in microwave until needed.
Open cooker, remove cauliflower and put on serving dish.
Stir butter to distribute garlic and pour over Cauliflower.
Cut into as many pieces as you like and serve with fresh bread or buns of your choice.
If you want variety fry some breadcrumbs and combine with butter and garlic.
This makes a great lunchtime snack. Reply


Posted by: Robert
Posted: 22nd Sep 2012

Robert says: Hi. My name is Robert.
You could try something Asian and you could make your self some "indiapa". You will need some wheat flour and you have to mix it with water.
Then you turn it into a doh. After that you have to turn it into noodle sized strings using a squeezing kitchen appliance. And the pit them in the pressure cooker and cook for about 3 minutes. Reply


Posted by: Mick
Posted: 27th Oct 2012

Mick says: I can recomend a great book, Pressure Cooker Recipes by john Blackett-Smith, Hinkler Books ( got mine from Aldi )
Mick Reply


Posted by: gladheart
Posted: 20th Nov 2012

gladheart says: Have you tried Googling 'pressure cooker recipes', there are a million of them online. Reply


Posted by: Mrs_s86
Posted: 26th Jun 2013

Mrs_s86 says: I use a pressure cooker when I'm making Indian curries etc. the base of any curry is an onion, garlic, ginger and tomatoes. Basically after that its all spices and beans or you can substitute the beans with potatoes and peas. You don't need to make chappati with it if you don't know how or don't want to, you can have rice. Reply


Posted by: Ssjoe
Posted: 27th Jun 2013

Ssjoe says: Hi Kelly. I found was very useful. Love my pressure cooker. Good luck Susan.


Posted by: Robby
Posted: 2nd Jul 2013

Robby says: Hi Kelly, pressure cookers are great time savers and I have a recipe for you.

Braised steak and mushroom. If you don't like mushrooms just omit them.
750g of oyster blade steak cut into edible size chunks.
1 onion chopped
1 stick of celery chopped
1 lge carrot chopped
200g of mushrooms cut in quarters
salt & pepper to taste
any herbs you like Parsley or chives are good

Brown meat in a pan with small amount of oil, then place the veg in pressure cooker with 1 table spoon of oil and cook until soft .
place meat on top of veg with enough water or chicken stock to cover contents to fill line in the cooker, I prefer the stock, place cooker on high heat till it steams then lower to a steady but gentle steam for approx 30 to 40 can thicken with water and cornflour if desired at the end of cooking. I hope you like this it's very easy to do and enjoyable
Regards robin


Mumma Campboli

Posted by: Mumma Campboli
Posted: 20th Jul 2013

Mumma Campboli says: There are loads of great recipes including some on my website
Go to recipes and tick pressure cooker Reply


Posted by: noly
Posted: 21st Mar 2014

noly says: Hi Kelly, I have a pressure cooker as well and when I went to work sometimes I would like to have come home craving for a nice Roast dinner but didn't have time to cook it as I mentioned this to the lady I know in the supermarket she told me how to do it in a pressure cooker. Prepare your vegies the night before and cover with water (so they don't go brown). In the morning before you leave place potatoes pumpkin etc, on base of cooker (oil etc is not needed) Place meat on top of vegies, cover and turn on. When you come home all you have to do is cook other vegies and dish up. YUM........enjoy. Another one is cornbeef and vegies. Place cornbeef into cooker cover with water and add some mustard powder, White Vinegar, and boiling vegies I like shredded cabbage carrots and when you come home boil and mash some potatoes. Hope these are usefull to you. Reply


Posted by: Bazz
Posted: 26th Jul 2014

Bazz says: Congratulations! I bought mine some time ago on special at Kmart. The price has really come down a long way from what it was maybe a decade ago or more. I can still remember using the old style with the dial gauge on it! I really noticed the cooking time of grains & legumes cut from an hour or so back to less than 30 minutes & all that wholesome smell & taste still being there. I'm one of those people who prefer consistency & simplicity over a variety of new recipes each day. Reply

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